Named: Sexy Female Celebs Who Keep Their Baby-Daddies Top Secrets

Named: Sexy Female Celebs Who Keep Their Baby-Daddies Top Secrets an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

There are several female celebrities who have children from past relationships, while others have children who paternity is shrouded with a lot of uncertainty.

In most cases these celebs have opted to keep the actual baby-daddies as a jealously guarded secret, while others literally hide the children from their fathers and hand them over to the new lovers to act as stepfathers, but there are also those who have chosen to live as single mothers. Although the list is long,  here are some of the renowned ones;

Winnie Nwagi

She has become a sensation in  the music circles. Nwagi has been considered to be Desire Luzinda’s replacement. Despite her curvaceous body, Nwagi is a single mother. The singer was impregnated during her high school days and currently she is taking care of her daughter without the kid’s father. Some time back she had hooked a dude identified as  Joshua Rukundo, who was playing the role of Stepfather, but they separated after she reportedly beat him up several times. When he got fed up of her beatings, Rukundo reportedly fled for his dear life.

Curvy Winnie Nwagi is a single Mom

Maryan Abdul

Before singer Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK47 died, he was at loggerheads with Maryan over the paternity of her child. Reports indicate that AK47 suffered the shock of his life when the kid he had purported to have fathered with Maryan turned out to belong to another man following a DNA test which proved his paternity claims negative. Since then Maryan has never revealed who fathered her child.

 Macrine Mundodo

She is a former dancer cum staff at the now defunct Club Silk in Kampala, who is a single mother of one.

Macrine has raised her daughter from Day One alone, without ever telling her family, relatives or friends who the dad is, although many have always linked the tot to a top businessman who has been supporting her ever since their days at Club Silk. After the hustle at Club Silk ended with its closure, Macrine is said to have started up a kindergarten in Kampala, courtesy of the businessman, from which she is reaping to cater for the daughter.

Macrine Mudondo

Charlotte Kemigisha

She is a popular figure in the corporate world where she has served in different capacities as Corporate Brand manager, marketing and public relations manager, including working with Umeme as its mouth piece and now with National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADS).

For a long time there have been a lot of questions about her mysterious past. And the biggest of all is the identity of her secret baby daddy.

Linda Lisa

She is one of the prominent former employees of the defunct Club Silk. Lisa turned a mother in 2013 and the father to her kid became a topic of controversy at happening spots. She insisted on keeping the identity of the kid’s father to herself. At the time, everyone assumed it was her top boss. But then in 2015, Linda revealed that it was actually television presenter Douglas Lwanga. Her kid has been linked to many guys in town. Sources reveal that she is the reason  Lwanga’s marriage with Eunice Nuwamanya collapsed. 

Rahma Mbabazi

She is a darling on the airwaves. Rahma surprised everyone when she announced her engagement to sports personality and later tied the knot with Patrick Kanyomozi, whom she ‘forced’ to convert to Islam and together, formed a nucleaous family called ‘Kanyomozi District’… don’t ask the meaning.

Both had split from previous relationships. Both have kids from previous relationships but what has remained secret is the identity of Rahma’s ex baby daddy.

Curvy Rahma Mbabazi

Aisha Alibhai

Aisha used to cause mayhem at  Namuwongo based KFM station. She was very close to top loaded men in town. It is said that her gorgeousness forced politician Mike Mukula to recommend her to contest for Soroti Municipality MP seat, because he thought voters couldn’t miss her on the ballot paper. Aisha is a single mother of two kids whose father has remained very obscure to the public. However, rumour always linked her to a top minister.

Aisha Alibhai is also a single Mom

Naira Salim

She was a party animal in Kampala happening places until she was knocked off the social scene. Her kid was linked to top musicians. The incessant rumour linking the kid to singer Jose Chameleone resulted into a DNA test. The test proved negative for Chameleone and Naira was  abandoned with the kid. Since then the father of Naira’s kid has remained secret.

Tinah Wamala

The former Multi-Choice spokesperson  became famous for doing PR for the pay cable television, until the scandal with Charles Hamya got exposed. However, apart from her secret passion with Hamya, Tinah had another secret; her baby daddy. She is said to have three tots from an elusive city dude who is very obscure to even her family members and neighbours.

Karitas Karisimbi

Former television and radio presenter Karitas is the mother of twins and there are some traditional norms that are supposed to be fulfilled regarding upbringing twins. It is said that they must grow up with their father in the same environment but no one knows Karitas’ baby daddy. Close to five years now, Nalongo Karitas has kept her lips tightly sealed about the identity of her Ssalongo.

Karitas Karisimbi

Nickita Bachu

Nickita was in a relationship with ex lover Gareth Onyango for close to eight years before they split bitterly.  But shortly before their separation, a city  lawyer was claiming to be responsible for fathering Nickita’s kid. To everyone’s shock Nickita has never actually revealed who fathered her daughter Kyla. Word has it that Nickita had a fling right around the time that Kyla was conceived. Nowadays she is swallowing the Wire of a dude only identified as Ambrose, who has since taken over custody of the child from Onyango

Nickita Bachu with her daughter

Fiona Nabitengero aka Fifi da Queen

She is one of the popular city randy smothers, who has kept  the identity of her child’s father a secret. Fifi da Queen is currently officially hooked to Abdallah Nsubuga aka Fab but before that she was  linked to various city dudes among them Ziza Bafana, Haruna Mubiru, a tycoon in Entebbe and others. The TV presenter gave birth to a son in 2014 and refused to reveal who the father was. Close friends reveal that Fifi isn’t telling who her baby daddy is, because she might not know who he is.

Fifi da Queen keeps her baby daddy a top secret

Mina Iza

She is an upcoming singer who prides in parading her juicy curves to fans. Not much is known about Mina’s former lifestyle before becoming an artiste. But reports reveal that Mina is a proud single mother of one, despite details about the kid’s father  remaining mysterious to her family, friends and fans.

Singer Mina Iza is a single mother an accessible web community

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