Netizens ‘Slaughter’ Filthy Rich Music Star Diamond Plutnumz Over Father For Boarding Taxi With 50kg Maize Flour Sack!

Netizens ‘Slaughter’ Filthy Rich Music Star Diamond Plutnumz Over Father For Boarding Taxi With 50kg Maize Flour Sack! an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Tanzania:  Tanzania’s filthy rich Bongo flavor music start Diamond Platnumz has over 20 most expensive cars packed in his compound. Infact, he changes cars like clothes, guy buys latest rides. There’s no doubt he is a successful musician with billions worth properties, including swanky Mansions in TZ. But netizens are still finding it hard to believe that the music star’s father actually lives like a pauper. He literally lives a life no sane son would love to their father in such horrible stinking poverty.

This came to light after a recent photo of Diamond’s father Abdul Juma boarding a bus in Dar es Salaam with a 50kg sack on his back caused quite a stir online.

Netizens wondered why Juma was using public transport yet his son is one of Africa’s most loaded musicians. Aside from earnings from music, Diamond has a mansion in South Africa, several high-end vehicles, a hotel, and shares in Wasafi media among other investments.


Reacting to the photos, netizens wondered why the singer has neglected his father.

Diamond’s Father With His Sack Jumping Out Of Taxi

Simba, is this your biological father? Because I know you would never let your father go through such problems. He’s getting baked by the son you’d think his son is poor. This is not right, you need to change,” wrote one social media user.

“Diamond, don’t look at the past. Take care of that old man, open a business for him and God will bless you,” added another

Diamond’s Sister Speaksout

After the debate elicited by the photos of Mzee Juma, Diamond’s sister was sought out to give her take on the matter. When reached for comment, Queen Darleen was infuriated. “Don’t you have a father? Stop minding other people’s business,” she said before hanging up the phone.

“I’ve seen the photos but I cannot comment on the matter because it’s a family issue. Look for Diamond as he’s the one who can respond to your inquisitions,” his manager Mkubwa Fella added.


The relationship between Diamond and his father has always been a thorny issue. Diamond’s mother singlehandedly brought him up after separating with Juma when the singer was six years old. Being poor, Diamond and his mother underwent difficult times till he achieved musical success.  After Diamond became a household name in East Africa, his estranged father sought to reconcile with him, with his first attempt to win back his son four years ago failed.

Youngest Diamond (C) With Father & Mother Before Separation

“I have realized Diamond is not on the wrong. I am the one who slipped. I already made peace with his mum. I thereafter saw it wise to look for Diamond and ask for his forgiveness,” he said after unsuccessfully trying to get an audience with his son. Diamond was in Kenya at the time.

A year ago, Diamond finally agreed to meet him after the intervention of Wasafi Classic Baby (a Tanzanian-based record label founded by musician Diamond) staff members. The two met at the Wasafi FM studios and embraced for a short while. However, it seems the past is not yet forgotten. Watch this space…. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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