New Era: Dr.Besigye Joins People Power, Seals 2021 Presidential Deal With Bobi  Wine

New Era: Dr.Besigye Joins People Power, Seals 2021 Presidential Deal With Bobi Wine an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

The world is likely to see a new dawn in Uganda’s politics after former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Rtd. Col. Dr Kizza Besigye joined People Power movement leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, to combine forces against President Yoweri Museveni in the 2021 presidential elections.

Our Spies can ably reveal that Bobi Wine, who is also the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, held a secret meeting with Dr Besigye, a four time presidential aspirant, at Besigye’s home in Kasangati on Thursday morning May 21,2020, where they discussed a SWOT analysis of the much-awaited 2021  presidential race.

Dr Kizza Besigye’s tweet about the meeting with Bobi Wine this Morning

in a very precise message, strategic communicator the son of Kifeefe is, tweeted thus; “ YES. Kasangati stands firm and, together we shall overcome. Stay safe & blessed. This is 2020.”

Those close to Besigye and Bobi Wine who analyzed his communication to this writer say, Besigye is a man who keeps his last cards to his chest, by the time he writes that, just know the discussion is so deep and meaningful. It could actually have a very big bearing on the future landscape of Uganda’s politics, especially on how the opposition has been behaving.

“First of all, do you know why Besigye/ Bobi Wine decided to meet today, a day after one of his very own (Ashburg Katto) betrayed him? Of all the days Besigye has been free since the Covid-19 lock down, ask yourself why the visit now? The reason is simple; he (Besigye) wanted to comfort him (Bobi) and let him know that he (Besigye) has gone through all those for over 20 yrs now. In other words, there is nothing new and he should expect more of that in the struggle, but that should only make him stronger, because, it shows Museveni appreciates his (Bobi) capacity to build/mould future leaders. “Gwe olowooza babba mubifurukwa?” he made his case.

Chief among the matters discussed, according to our Spy at Kasangati was the possibility of Besigye, who is the ‘People’s President and head of the People’s Government’, willingness of fully combining forces with Bobi Wine’s millions of supporters under his People Power movement to a coalition to be used as a stepping stone to winning the election cum 2021.

In this grand plan, Besigye and Bobi Wine plan to deny Mr. Museveni the 51% pass mark so that they go into a re-run with only one most favorable candidate who will have garnered most votes between Besigye and the Ghetto Music gladiator turned politician. Definitely, according to Besigye, Museveni would be much more weaker in a re-run of only two candidates and the International community would be more ‘visible’ on ground.

Our Spy also intimate that another matter which was discussed between the two leading politicians was the possibility of Besigye surrendering the opposition flag and rallying behind Bobi Wine such that he (Bobi Wine), can compete directly with President Museveni in the election, with an objective of sharing power should the man from Magere be elected President, but that wasn’t fully explored as both parties are interested in appearing on the ballot paper. “Haaa, webatuuse awo boona eyo ensonga bagiduseko nga tewali ye comitinze, cali wange awo besissemu!” (literally saying, when it came to that issue, they quickly jumped out of that particular point without any commitment from either side, seemed cumbersome my brother!”.

Also on table was discussion of the way forward on Plan B, in the event that Bobi Wine’s efforts to compete for Presidency are frustrated by the state. It should be noted that to date, despite the fact that Bobi Wine announced his presidential bid, he has not yet been allowed by the police to conduct nationwide consultations about his presidential bid, something that might impede his chances of being a qualified candidate  for the position.

Besides that, it is not yet clear whether the elections will be held next year as scheduled, because they come in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak,  which means there is a possibility of government postponing them,  since political gatherings were banned on account that they  expose Ugandans to a huge risk of getting infected with COVID-19.

Actually previously, president Museveni hinted on the possibility of postponing the 2021 elections, although he seemed to be reading from different articles of the constitution from those the E/C Chairman Justice Byabakama and his own (Museveni) former press secretary and now senior media advisor Tamale Mirundi were reading from this week.

It should be noted that  there has for a long time been tension between People Power supporters and those of Besigye’s.  The tension arose after a faction within People Power movement started demanding Besigye  to step down from standing and endorse ‘fresh blood’ Bobi Wine for the 2021 Presidency, which he has never done.

The said People Power faction, which one time attacked Besigye as he left CBS radio studios in Bulange, Mengo, accused him of allegedly sabotage and being a huge stumbling block  to Bobi  Wine’s presidency in the 2021 elections.

Besigye would later come out vehemently and denied the allegations, and maintained that everyone in Uganda had a right to contest for any position in Uganda. “When I was coming to contest for presidency, did I ask Mr.Museveni, Dr,Pual Kawanga Sssemwogerere or any one to pave way for me?! Come forward and people will chose, it’s not Besigye who chooses the best candidate, it’s the ‘peoplo’ (people) of Uganda,” Besigye argued last time as tensions in the opposition factions escalated.

Watch this space for details! an accessible web community an accessible web community

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