New Hope! Uganda Secures COVID-19 Doses For Health Workers As Cases Skyrocket To 35712

New Hope! Uganda Secures COVID-19 Doses For Health Workers As Cases Skyrocket To 35712 an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Frank Kamuntu

Kampala: The Ministry of Health has revealed that Uganda has already applied to participate in the Global COVAX initiative for COVID-19 vaccine, which has been accepted by the Global Alliance for Vaccine Initiative-GAVI.

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Nearly two billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been secured for equitable distribution in 2021 to the 190 countries that have signed on to a World Health Organization-led partnership.

The partnership, known as COVAX, said the supply includes at least 1.3 billion doses for low- and middle-income countries.

“Based on the evidence available and the recommendations of the Vaccines Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Health, Uganda will access the Vaccine from Astra Zeneca,” the statement issued from the Health Ministry says.

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Atwine says that on top of this, Uganda will also explore other traditional vaccines options such as the one from China, when they receive approval from the World Health Organization. The Chinese vaccine which has not yet undergone any peer review is supposed to work by exposing the body’s immune system to particles of the coronavirus that have been grown in a laboratory and are not able to cause the disease.

Last month, the health ministry authorized the importation of 4,000 doses of the Chinese vaccine that were to be used by members of the Chinese community working in the Liao Shen Industrial Park Kapeeka. The effects of the vaccine are still unknown.

According to Atwine, the country is looking at using two vaccines due to the increase in infections in recent months.

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“There has been a surge in reported cases of COVID-19 within the country of up to 88 per cent during the last three months. There is an urgent need to access COVID-19 vaccines for the people of Uganda, not only as a mitigating strategy against severe disease and deaths but also a public health measure to enable a safe return to normalcy,” the statement reads.

The development comes after Uganda has confirmed 201 new cases, 9 deaths of COVID-19 tested on 1 January 2021, bringing the cumulative confirmed cases to 35,712.

The breakdown of the new cases are: 200 contacts and alerts: Kampala (134) Mukono (27) Mbale (8) Jinja (6) Wakiso (8) Kalaki (5) Kapchorwa (3) Mbarara (2) Gulu (2) Ibanda (1) Soroti (1) Yumbe (1) Masaka (1) Luwero (1) and 1 Truck driver at Malaba border. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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