New Jinja Bridge Develops Cracks, Under Repair

New Jinja Bridge Develops Cracks, Under Repair an accessible web community

By Spy Reporter

Jinja, Uganda: Whoever bewitched Uganda is not about to relent, because the country seems to be dogged by endless misfortunes.

Damaged asphalt removed from the Bridge

The latest information we have is that the newly commissioned Jinja Bridge is reportedly developing cracks and engineers have started doing repairs, barely a year after its commissioning.  The bridge that was commissioned by president Yoweri Museveni in October  2018 is no longer suitable for motorists and  sources reveal that it is set to be closed to allow repairing works to continue.

According to motorists who use the bridge often, the asphalt is cracking and caving in, which prompted engineers to remove the tarmac and redo it.  One side of the bridge has already been dug up such that engineers can replace the damaged asphalt. an accessible web community

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