Next Media CEO Kin Karisa Re-elected NAB Chairman

Next Media CEO Kin Karisa Re-elected NAB Chairman an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) unnial general meeting (AGM) assembly, has re-elected Next Media CEO Kin Karisa as Chairman for another Kisanja (term) and the very last one,following the expiry of his two-year term.

Karisa was elected today Thursday morning during the NAB Annual General Meeting held at Hotel Africana, Kagera Hall, that was attended by several directors and owners of media houses and broadcasters.

His first tenure started in November 2017 when he took over from Capt.Edward Francis Babu, after NAB empowered him with the capacity to steer media Industry in Uganda to another level, something his team mates say,he has ably done.

Other people who will closely help Chairman Karisa execute his duties include  NAB Vice Chairman Dr.Innocent Nahabwe MD Galaxy Fm, the Treasurer-Bill Tibingana (Vision Group), Secretary Joseph Beyanga(Nation Media), and DSTV Managing Director Hasan Saleh.

Other elected leaders include;
In charge of West Nile, Keita Anguzu of Spirit FM, Spirit TV, Bob FM, Radio Koboko, 
Western Region-Julius Tumusiime, Northern Region-Jimmy Okello, Eastern Region and Anthony Wanyoto  of Time FM.

During the the same function, Karisa unveiled the  NAB 2018 Report, in which he highlighted that one of the important achievements of NAB this year was the bringing on board of the Independent Online Journalists Association-Uganda (INDOJA-U), which is an umbrella body that brings together Online Journalists and owners of  Digital Media houses, launched on November 29, 2018 and is currently headed by Andrew Irumba Katusabe as its president.

Irumba is also CEO and Managing editor for Spy Uganda,an online news paper.

In his Report at the AGM, Karisa recognized the media houses that subscribed to the NAB, by stating thus;”Welcome members of the National Broadcasting Association to the Annual General Meeting 2019.

We have  over 200 members in the industry and only 40 have subscribed. This Annual General Meeting is not like the others in the past. It’s a special AGM. We decided to invite only the members who paid their subscription for 2019.”

Among other things Karisa highlighted was working hand in hand with the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and other broadcasters to ensure the employment of sign language experts to cater for Ugandans with audio impairments and other People With Disabilities (PWD). 

He also revealed that through the UCC government had committed to boost the film industry in Uganda through funding film projects, especially those that feature local content.

 Here below are excerpts of the report;
National Association of Broadcasters Chairman’s report for the period 31-Dec–2018Welcome members of the National Association of Broadcasters to the Annual General Meeting 2019. 

We have over 200 members in this industry and only 40 have subscribed. This AGM is not like the ones in the past. It is a special AGM.

We decided that we shall only invite the members who paid their subscription for 2019.

 These members are

1. Multi choice

2. Capital and Beat FM

3. CBS 1 & 2

4. Radio

5. Akaboozi Radio

6. Sanyu Fm

7. NTV

8. Super FM

9. Simba

10. Next Media

11. Radio Buddu

12. Record Radio

13. Salt FM

14. Salt TV

15. Record TV Network

16. Monitor publications

17. Impact Media Consortium

18. Pearl of Africa Radio

19. Vision group

20. Radio Apac

21. Galaxy FM

22. Prime Radio

23. Time FM

24. Star Dtv

 25. B FM, among others.

This has been a good year with a lot of activities that have engaged the association.


From the last AGM we engaged in several meetings where the online broadcasters formed an association called Independent Online Journalists Association INDOJA that was launched on the 29thNovember 2018 at Hotel Africana. NAB was represented by Joel Kigozi.

Mr Andrew Irumba was elected as the president for INDOJA and Ms. Sara Kagingo as the secretary general. I introduced him to the meeting to talk about INDOJA. They have been regular in our meetings as they are part of NAB now with 7 members as I speak now.

We also had a meeting with the Uganda National Association of the Deaf UNAD where they made a presentation and said they had several meetings with the UCC and were advised to have a meeting with NAB on the need to have employment of sign language as directed by UCC and also for the population of the deaf people that need information.

Our need was to put standards required under one document that can be distributed to the relevant broadcasters which the NAB administrator was to distribute.

We had our first meeting of 2019 in February, I gave them updates on engagements I had with UCC. The issue that NAB raised in the last AGM of “No Objection” concerning broadcasters/operators having to be members of NAB before their license renewal.

UCC said NAB is an Association and there was no law that forces anyone to be part of an Association – joining is voluntary, However, it was suggested that UCC and their lawyers brainstorm on the issue and get back to NAB in 2 weeks.

The way forward was that UCC could find a way to have Broadcasters subscribe to NAB just as they have a way of enforcing some other things. NAB awaits what UCC will suggest.

We suggested that documents sent especially submissions from UCC should be taken seriously by the Executive, study them and make comments. Otherwise resolutions can be passed that are unfavorable for the industry and will affect members. Eg the ones sent most recently on the WhatsApp group should be studied and comments sent through ASAP.

Running of adverts or messages like the most recent one from National Identification and Registration Authority -NIRA are not a “must” run. It is up to the station to do so or not. Or can be done as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).We had a meeting with UCC on local content development and promotion held on Thursday March 21st 2019. The UCC ED welcomed members present and thanked them for their commendable job in promoting the culture of their country.

He said that the Commission is happy and proud that there is progress in this industry. He added that whatever UCC does, it makes reference to Broadcasters under their umbrella – NAB. They are the buying side of content.

I added that Local content is a subject that has been discussed with UCC for the last 10years, UCC has made it part of the license, NAB is aware that media houses invest a lot in local content and that there are also other stakeholders who have invested in the industry like actors /actresses and UCC requested for 70% local content from media houses and support the quota and NAB is willing to buy in this cause. Hopefully more broadcasters steer towards this direction of local content.

The film industry was facing challenges where they were highly marginalized in terms of funding which caused the price of local content to be high and thus the need to sit down and come up with ways of funding production, limited resources affect the quality of production and consistence is lacking. You can commission a local house to do local content and they only come up with a few episodes – can’t keep up.

Because of the above; lack of consistence, poor quality and high prices, media houses have resorted to foreign content. UCC Committed to agree on 70% to recognize our culture and diversity (Buy Uganda, Build Uganda)I suggested that filmmakers should know their target market and who/what content is meant for and 70% local content does not necessarily mean only film. There are also other types of local content.

 UCC suggested that the Film-makers – Know what you want to market and take in feedback positively and also suggested that they should think of other avenues of exhibition e.g online Apps, etc.

On 24th April2019 we had a meeting with the ICT sector at the PSFU Boardroom and the essence of the meeting was to enrich the document to focus on all the ICT sector.

The chairman of the meeting Mr. Rogers Karebi urged members to participate in the budget process so that the sector is not left out this time and secretariat to also come up with a work plan showing short medium and long-term issues lined up through sector working activity groups.

We had another meeting with UCC on breach of minimum broadcasting standards held at UCC off on May 7th 2019. I thanked ED UCC and Commission for accepting to meet NAB. It was resolved that the staff in question step aside while investigations go on not on suspension as earlier directed. Commission will conclude investigations within 30days subject to cooperation and dialogue between the concerned parties will go in all matters.

We also had a meeting at Parliament to discuss Human Rights – Wednesday July 10,2019. Committee on Human Rights was Chaired by Hon. Nantume Janepher Egunyu, MP Buvuma Islands County: The chairperson called meeting to order at 10:25am. They wanted to hear the broadcasters’ concerns and also answers to some of the allegations submitted since they run these media houses and also bring together all concerned parities like; UCC, Media Council, Media Owners, Journalists, etc. until amicable solutions are arrived at. We had a meeting on Wednesday July 31st 2019.

I noted that there is need to have the Annual General Meeting (AGM) preparations as it was an election year. The transition suggested that NAB create an Advisory Board composed mainly of former NAB leaders and influencers. This if agreed on will be formalized and adapted in the upcoming NAB AGM.

Ms Rhonah (Multichoice) will work with Obadia (Next media Counsel) to follow-up on this.

The AGM was scheduled for the first Thursday in the month of October ie (October 03, 2019)On Tuesday August 13, 2019- 2:00pm we held interviews for a new administrator.

The interviewing committee included the following Executives:

1. Betsy Mugamba

 2. Bill Tibingana and

3. Sarah Kimono (the outgoing) Administrator.

The Committee concluded that Ms. Musiimenta Natasha was the best candidate for the job and therefore recommends her to the Executive for recruitment. The new administrator started work on 16th August 2019.

On 28th August we met briefly and talked about the intended merger of NAB and UMOA working as one unit with one secretariat. I was engaged by former NAB Chairman – Aga Sekalala about the UCC advertising standards. Need to come up with a way of dealing with this.

A meeting has been setup to take place on Tuesday September 03, 2019 at Kampala Serena Hotel. We welcomed the new Administrative Officer on Board Natasha.
On 3rd September we held a meeting with the executive of UMOA at Serena Hotel to discuss issues  of the merge between UMOA and NAB.

We had industry elders including Mariah Kiwanuka and Aga  Junior Sekalala. Aga as the first chairman of NAB gave a brief history of NAB. The meeting was the result of extending the AGM to today.

On 2nd October 2019 we met to discuss updates from the previous meetings and our upcoming AGM preparations. 
I gave the EXCO heads what happened at the meeting at Serena hotel on 3rd September and said, there was a candid discussion about the NAB/ UMOA merger. We looked at the executive being the same, to create one strong association that will bring everyone on board.

UMOA asked for  time to engage with both lawyers and see how this could be done and call a meeting for senior people to engage and deliberate on these issues and will call for a meeting on 11th October to deliberate and make resolutions.

On 20th November 2019, we had a preparation meeting for the AGM where I thanked the team present for the dedication and time put in to ran NAB.

It is shaping an industry without pay and re- affirmed  that the AGM is slated for November 28th 2019 from 9:00am -11:00am and this is a special one for only the paid up members
Chairman,National Association of Broadcasters an accessible web community

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