No Guns Missing: Police Orders New Vision To Retract ‘Malicious’ Story Or Face ‘Music’

No Guns Missing: Police Orders New Vision To Retract ‘Malicious’ Story Or Face ‘Music’ an accessible web community

By Micheal Bitunga

Police Spokesperson SSP Emilian Kayima has termed ‘allegations’ circulating on various media houses that the police force has lost over 4000 guns from its stores saying as fake and hoax.

“Today on Wednesday 8th August 2018, New vision News paper had their screaming lead story ‘DEEPER TROUBLE: 4000 NEW GUNS MISSING IN POLICE’, the story stated that CMI and ISO are investigating our classified stores and that they have found 4000 guns missing. That story is a hoax and should be treated with the contempt it deserves,” said Kayima.

Copy of the press release Police released on Wed.denying New Vision story.

Kayima said that the police isn’t aware of any gun missing from their classified stores neither aware of any investigation by CMI or ISO as it was written.

He added that it’s true, the inspector general of police Okoth Martins Ochola sanctioned a gun audit around the whole country but findings are not yet submitted nor discussed or shared with the parties that are eligible to share them.

Kayima advised New vision to retract the malicious story with immediate effect and correct the impression created.

He also advised the state paper to always seek for official positions from the right and credible sources instead of engaging in unfair and biased reporting which he said could endanger the country. an accessible web community

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