No ‘Pig’ Can Overpower NRM-Says Gen.Museveni Ahead Of Next Week’s Address On Masaka Killings

No ‘Pig’ Can Overpower NRM-Says Gen.Museveni Ahead Of Next Week’s Address On Masaka Killings

By Francis Kamuntu

Delivering his speech at Kololo Independence Ground, at passing out of cadets and non commissioned officers, HE. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has announced that next week he will deliver a state of the nation address on the Masaka escalating killings.

A total of 29 people have been killed by machete-wielding men in the greater Masaka area leaving the entire country in panic.

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According to President Museveni, these criminals that have since put the Greater Masaka Region on tenterhooks will soon be brought to books since they leave behind clues that can be based upon to track them.

“The only thing they can do is endangering themselves and those they are misleading people. These people are attacking old people in Masaka by attacking them at night and think it is a strategy! You are finished now,” he said.

He added, “It is unfortunate that they have caused the death of old people but they are finished. Once we bring to court evidence to show that it is so and so who sent these people to kill our old men, when will they go?”

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Museveni further noted thus; ”What they don’t realize is that there is no way you can commit a crime in Uganda and we don’t get you. You will leave all sorts of clues to enable the police to hunt you. Many have been arrested and others will be arrested but this is the bankruptcy of some of these actors.”

President’s address came after Police yesterday through its spokesperson Fred Enanga confirmed that so far they have arrested 15 suspects highly connected to the staggering and vicious murders in the two districts of Lwengo and Masaka.

According to Enanga, in the Masaka district, 6 suspects were arrested in connection with the murders by hacking and beating of 9 victims to death. These include; Kawalya Yazid, Sserwada Mike, Muwonge Jude, Nakakawa Slyvia, Kibedi Yowana, Batesita and Jjemba Francis.

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Police add that in the Lwengo district, 9 suspects highly linked to the vicious murders of 17 victims were arrested. These include; Kibirango John Bosco aka Boy, Ssewankambo Mohammad, Namata Justine, Kabayo Henry, Kaganda Moses, Ssebuunya Issa, Nabatanzi Batesita, Ngabirano Sebastiano, and Kayebura Joseph.

”After getting significant clues on the characteristics of the assailants, anonymous threatening letters, their mode of transport, a description of their getaway, and the mastermind behind the vicious murders, we shall ensure all the remaining suspects are arrested and face justice for the senseless carnage they have caused,” said Police. an accessible web community

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