Not Fit:Bagyenda Leftout On New FIA Board!

Not Fit:Bagyenda Leftout On New FIA Board! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

The former executive director Bank of Uganda (BoU) in charge of supervision, Justine Bagyenda has been excluded from the new board of the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA), TheSpy Uganda reports.

Bagyenda was scheduled to appear before the Appointments Committee of parliament in September for vetting but she skipped the exercise.

The filthy rich former banker claimed that she had been abroad though records on her phone tracking later indicated that she was in the country around Bugolobi having a good time. She was reportedly given another opportunity to appear but she did not turn up again, there by losing the position.

Sources have now told TheSpy Uganda that as a result, her name does not appear on a new list of FIA board members who are scheduled to take oath soon.

The list includes Grace Akullo, the head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Patricia Mutesi, Leo Kibirango, the board chairman and Patrick Ocailap, the deputy secretary to the Treasury.

Bagyenda’s woes began after a whistle blower petitioned the IGG claiming she had stacked away Shs 19 billion on three different bank accounts. The ombudsman started an investigation which is still ongoing.

Currently, the Parliament’s COSASE probe into the mismanagement of funds at BoU also begun last week where Bagyenda is also likely to feature during the probe. an accessible web community

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