NRM Disciplinary Committee To Summon Sheema RDC Kyereere Over Segregation Claims

NRM Disciplinary Committee To Summon Sheema RDC Kyereere Over Segregation Claims an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: RDC Frank Kyereere Besigye is in hot soup after Sheema district NRM cadres threatened to call him for interrogations in regard to allegations of segregating some NRM aspiring candidates .

The NRM Vice Chairman Sheema  district Hon. Eng Katwiremu Yorokamu Bategana said that he has already got evidence that RDC Kyereere campaigns for some few members in the party and decampaign others.

Katwiremu added that he talked to RDC Kyereere about the matter cautioning him to stop the habit but he didn’t respond adding that the only solution is to summon him in the party district committee and a disciplinary action may be taken.

“He decampaigns some aspiring candidates and for sure one can’t fail to think that he was bribed to do so, I’m not sure but this man Kyereere might have eaten something from some leaders to decampaign their opponents.” Biziira an NRM Cadre said.

Biziira added that he has already drafted a letter to the president in regard to the above acts of Kyereere which he hopes that by next week state house will have summoned him.

Biziira also accuses RDC for having failed to effectively serve Sheema people’s needs “I have occasionally told RDC about water issues of Shuuku people because he found them with clean water instead which he registered under National Water and Sewerage Corporation, yet people cant afford paying those bills.”

“This week he will face a 21 members district NRM committee for a disciplinary action, next week he will face his bosses from the state house ” Biziira added.

However RDC Frank Kyereere in response, he refuted the allegations saying that he has never campaigned for any one and hopes not to do so until his NRM party gets a frag bearer. an accessible web community

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