NRM Launches Drive To Kick Poverty Out Of Buganda In Abid To Retrieve Lost Support

NRM Launches Drive To Kick Poverty Out Of Buganda In Abid To Retrieve Lost Support an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party’s Central Executive Committee-Deputy Chairperson Buganda Region, Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi has today at party’s headquarters launched a campaign dubbed Kisoboka aimed at retrieving party’s support in the country’s Central Region.

It’s worth noting that in 2021 January polls, Buganda region is among those areas NRM performed poorly giving a chance to newly established opposition party, National Unity Platform (NUP) to scoop most of the slots at all electoral levels.

According to statistics from electoral commissions, NRM party obtained a nominal 35% in the Buganda region, whereas NUP’s Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu obtained 62. 01%.

The ruling party also obtained 31 parliamentary seats in the region out of the 105 parliamentary seats and also managed to obtain 9 Local Government Chairperson seats across the entire Central region.

Now, launching the campaign, Kiwanda told journalists that the ‘Kisoboka community mobilization and mindset change program’ will also further the implementation of the NRM manifesto in the region of Buganda to strengthen its position in the forthcoming elections.

“Now the Kisoboka community mobilization and mindset change program is intended for having far- reaching results on the lives of citizens and the society entirely as far as NRM manifesto implementation for 2021- 2026 is concerned,” Kiwanda says.

Kiwanda says that the NRM will sensitize the public about the development projects and also build the capacity among communities to access their basics and identify alternatives for addressing them.

“The movement will sensitize the population to know the disparity between grain and seed in terms of government policies and also link the public with government ministries and divisions for better service delivery,” Kiwanda noted.

“This shall be performed both physically through showcasing some of the success sagas but also through media activations from time to time. The strategy shall run throughout  Buganda region for the next five years unless petitioned by the Central Executive Committee to widen it to the whole country,” Kiwanda added.

Kiwanda also noted the program is to be fully funded by the NRM party, NGOs, the business community and the government in a bid to reclaim their top spot in  Buganda region. an accessible web community

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