NRM Punched Holes In Kyagulanyi’s Umbrella, Now It’s Leaking-Trounced Minister Anite On Cloud 9 Over Museveni’s Victory

NRM Punched Holes In Kyagulanyi’s Umbrella, Now It’s Leaking-Trounced Minister Anite On Cloud 9 Over Museveni’s Victory an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The minister for Privatization and Investment Evelyn Anite has lashed at the National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s allegations that the recently concluded presidential elections were marred by rigging in favour of President Museveni.

According to Bobi Wine, the move by the government to switch off the internet hours to the elections was a clear sign that Museveni had plans to rig votes in the darkness so that they would not have evidence to challenge the election results however he now asserts that they have enough evidence to challenge the results in courts of law.

Anite noted that these were just Bobi’s allegations and his National Unity Platform party is only based in the central region and so lacks the national character that can out-compete the ruling National Resistance Party that has mass support all over the country.

Speaking during the “NTV The Spot” political show, Anite noted that it’s only the people in the central region that got carried away since Bobi Wine is Muganda and speaks in their local language adding that he only influenced the people to just go and vote for the ‘umbrella’ (NUP party symbol) because all they were preached to was to vote out NRM.

Anite further added that the recent elections proved that NUP is a weak wave that can’t even manage to gather support beyond the central region.

“We (NRM) punched holes in the umbrella (NUP) and now it’s leaking,” Anite said.

”The people in Buganda voted the way they did because they feel they have gotten enough and the likes of  Mathias Mpuuga kept on telling them to fight for change. They were not talking about securing their future but fighting for democracy. You can’t eat democracy.” she added.

Commenting on the continued house arrest of Bobi Wine by security forces at his residence in Magere, Anite insisted that he’s not under house arrest but rather the state is only protecting him

“What is happening to Hon Kyagulanyi is in his own interest to protect him from breaking the law. The people who keep peace and order have been restraining him to prevent the spread of COVID-19, If you let Kyagulanyi out, he is going to break the law and spread COVID-19,” she added. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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