NUP Finally Endorses Troubled FDC’s Nabila To Replace ‘Coward’ Latif Ssebagala For Kampala Mayorship Race

NUP Finally Endorses Troubled FDC’s Nabila To Replace ‘Coward’ Latif Ssebagala For Kampala Mayorship Race an accessible web community

By Monica Kobusiinge 

Kampala: Kampala Woman legislator, Nabilah Naggayi Sempala has won the race to hold the Kampala lord mayor ticket for National Unity Platform (NUP)-TheSpy Uganda has learnt.

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Nabilah saw off competition from a little known Ssali Cudrah who scored 87 out of the available 200 points while Nabilah garnered 166 out of 200 points.

The two-faced a panel of four judges who asked them questions regarding the roles of the Kampala lord mayor, knowledge of the needs of the Kampala city and their understanding of the NUP core values.

“With the power vested upon me as the electoral management committee chairperson, I, therefore declare Nabilah Naggayi Sempala as the NUP flag bearer for the position of Kampala Lord Mayor,” Mercy Walukamba, NUP’s Electoral Commission Chairman, announced.

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Walukamba, however noted that the decision is not final as Nabilah will now have to be confirmed by the NUP board.

Speaking to journalists shortly after the declaration, Nabilah hit back at the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) which denied her a ticket back in July this year.

She said, “FDC are women beaters, i am not the only lady who left. where is the leader of the opposition? I am glad that I have got a party which respects me as a woman.”

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Nabilah, if confirmed by the NUP board will face off with the incumbent, FDC’s Erias Lukwago in the 2021 polls.

Nabilah’s ‘marriage’ with the FDC ended bitterly in July this year when they denied her the party ticket to run as Lord Mayor shortly before handing the card to incumbent Erias Lukwago.

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Nabilah Naggayi Sempala During A Vetting Process At NUP Offices In Kamwokya

“After 15 years of being married to FDC, with all our children, they treated me like trash, they threw me out on the streets. Now a youthful man (NUP) has come to my rescue, wiped away all my tears. I now feel even more appreciated and beautiful,” Nabilah bragged.

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In the same vein, Nabilah said her candidature should energize all women that are not being appreciated in their marriages/relationships. “This situation should be a message to all women out there, you should know that no matter the mistreatment you face, a time is coming when someone better will come and pick you up, it will not matter how many children you already have. NUP has given me so much joy.”

Commenting about her race with incumbent Erias Lukwago, Nabilah said that FDC and Lukwago should look out for the biggest battle they have never seen.

“I won the MP position for FDC three times, they know I am a winner. When I come to a race, I do not come to participate but to win. I, therefore, send a message to FDC, that they should expect a sweeping victory by me, FDC is threatened by strong women like me,” she claimed, adding that Kampala, just like Uganda needs a fresh start and her candidature presents that opportunity.

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“We can’t have a new president, Honorable Kyagulanyi being edged out of his capital City when Ugandans vote for him, they will also send me to the City hall,” Nabilah said, adding that her candidature should be a symbol that NUP will not sideline women.

However, FDC has strongly warned the NUP Electoral Management Committee to decline and reject Nabillah Naggayi’s move for the  Kampala Lord Mayor since she is unreliable and an indecisive person whose politics does not apply in the present-day context.

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The FDC mouthpiece Ssemujju Nganda revealed that Nabillah’s political migration was expected, “We wish honourable Nabilah all the best but if she keeps playing politics the way she has been doing in FDC, then I want to feel sorry for NUP.” he said.

Nabillah’s fall out with the FDC sparked in 2017 when the legislator ceased attending party conferences and activities in Najjanankumbi and suspicions intensified when she smartly dodged the 2017 age limit debate and even declined to take part in the voting as she was miles away in the US attending a diplomatic trip. The FDC has since then accused Nabillah of being double-sided and hobnobbing with the NRM government. an accessible web community

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