NUP Founder Kibalama Trashes Petitioner Allegations Of Party Ownership

NUP Founder Kibalama Trashes Petitioner Allegations Of Party Ownership an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The former president of National Unity, Reconciliation and Development Party- NURDP that has since evolved into the National Unity Platform-NUP, Moses Nkonge Kibalama has disowned Lillian Odinga and Edward Seremba as members of his former party.

The two petitioned Electoral Commission recently challenging the manner under which their party evolved into NUP and how Robert Kyagulanyi was declared party president.

According to Kibalama, the two who recently addressed a press conference claiming to be leaders and members of NURDP are unknown to him adding that he only saw them in the media.

He explained that although the Electoral Commission and the duo’s lawyer, James Byamukama are challenging the evolvement of NURDP to NUP, they got concerned with their wild claims in the media.

Kibalama presented the register of NUP members insisting that Lillian Odinga and Edward Seremba don’t appear anywhere in their records.

Kibalama also responded to allegations that have been making rounds on social media accusing him and other NURDP leaders of selling their political party to Kyagulanyi and people power.

He described the allegations as baseless and rubbish saying that no one can sell a political organization since it is created to bring together people with common ideological beliefs.

Kibalama claimed that he has been receiving threatening calls and messages ever since he handed over NUP leadership to Kyaguanyi. Though our reporter couldn’t independently verify the claims.

At the same media briefing, the NUP Secretary General David Lewis Lubongoya, said they are waiting for official communication from Electoral Commission about the petitioners because they will sue the complainants as impersonators. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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