NWSC Boss Mugisha Explains Salary Disparities As Staff Protest Low Pay

NWSC Boss Mugisha Explains Salary Disparities As Staff Protest Low Pay

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By Andrew Irumba

Since yesterday, social media has been awash with statements seemingly inked by the frustrated staff of the National Water & Sewage Corporation (NWSC), protesting what they called unfair salary scales.

In these statements, a supposedly anonymous staff is mobilizing fellow staff in all regions of Uganda where NWSC has presence to join the war of exposing the Corporation’s leadership which they say is rotten with all sorts of mismanagement behaviours, among them including;

1. Nepotism

2. Corruption

3. Irregularities in appointing some staff

4. Sectarianism and;

5. Offering jobs to unqualified staff in exchange for sex

Part of The Email Statement

The staff also accuse Corporation’s Executive Director Dr Silver Mugisha and his entire top management team of being very corrupt while awarding salary scales to some employees.

“We are sick and tired of your corrupt leadership in this corporation and this is the time to rise as workers and expose your disgusting corrupt ways when it comes to appointments, confirmation and awarding salary scales in this Corporation.

How difficult is it to set a standard salary structure for every position so that we have uniformity,” staff writes in the statement. The staff complain that you find two people doing same job and responsibilities but having different salary scales. According to them,they argue that they should get same salary.

ED Dr. Mugisha Responds

In an exclusive interview with our reporter Andrew Irumba via WhatsApp chat last night, NWSC Executive Director Dr Silver Mugisha rubbished the allegations and put it on the new negative culture cropping up in Ugandan employees, saying some lazy Ugandans now want to get jobs on Monday and get rich on Tuesday through salary appraisals. When you don’t do that,then they have ‘social media court’ to ‘report’ to.

“No worries about this ndugu Andrew, NWSC pays staff according to their work efforts because we are a result-oriented institution,” Mugisha clarified.

He explained that NWSC has a clear salary scale structure approved by the Board and therefore no one can single handedly decide who to get much or less as staff accuses him.

He actually added that the whole saga is fueled by some new staff who just joined the Corporation and want to start earning billions forgetting that it’s hard work that pays not blackmail and propaganda.

“The whole issue is about new staff that feel a sense of entitlement, without factoring in level of performance and experience. They think social media blackmail will compel us to act irrationally. That has never been our approach,” he adds.

The above has been emphasized by the Corporation’s press statement below;

“The Management of National Water and Sewerage Corporation has noted with concern some malicious email communication across the social media network and would like to clarify as follows;

1. NWSC has a clear salary structure, ranging from SC1-8.

2. Staff are recruited and later on promoted to different scales, based on their performance level and experience.

3. It is not about having the same roles and responsibilities. It is about how one performs their roles and responsibilities.

4. NWSC has also experienced some new staff that join the corporation and quickly feel a sense of entitlement to promotion, without due consideration of the effort inputs and performance results.

5. This is not acceptable, given that NWSC survival and sustainability depends on a strong results-orientation.

6. All salary scale adjustments are based on prior performance appraisals and exceptional performance. Management.”

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