OMG! Tweeps Enjoy Steamy Romping Sprees At Twitter Pool Party

OMG! Tweeps Enjoy Steamy Romping Sprees At Twitter Pool Party an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Socialites, party lovers  and Tweeps held a Twitter Pool Party on Saturday at a city hangout during which they indulged in all sorts of kinky hedonism.

Sharps dudes surround a babe in the pool

The party which was organised at Pool Side Club Cafe in Muyenga, Kampala, attracted Tweeps from all over the country, who enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

Partiers relaxing at the pool side

Our Spy who was at the gig reveals that gates were open as early as 9:00Am and by 2:00Pm the entire place was filled with both couples and singles that had gone to chillax and enjoy ogling sexy babes.

Babes having fun the TwitterPoolParty

The most joyous moment however came when both guys and babes jumped into the swimming pool,  where they got wet and wild.

One of the babes who kept guys smiling at the party

Several guys were spotted babylonizing babes under the guise of teaching them how to swim, while the sharper ones used the opportunity to surf the babes from the water.

A humorous tweet about the Twitter Pool Party indicating there was massive romping

Actually one of the revellers at the venue was overheard intimating that “By the time the party ended, the level of El-Nino in the pool was competing with that of the water.”

This dude was ready to enjoy Parte-after-party

The pool party ended late in the night when several couples, most of them looking knackered and Sexhausted, were seen sauntering away from the venue, while others looked all poised for steamy private Parte-after-Parte sessions.

When you look at the bulge, you know guys were ready for steamy fun

She was also at the party and only God knows how she enjoyed the day an accessible web community

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