Omoro By Election: Electoral Commission Okays Candidates To Kick Off Campaigns, Announces Polling Day

Omoro By Election: Electoral Commission Okays Candidates To Kick Off Campaigns, Announces Polling Day an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Electoral Commission has announced 16th Monday to 24th Tuesday, May 2022, as the period for candidate’s campaign meetings for the byelection of Directly Elected Member of Parliament for Omoro County and District Women Councilor representing Lalogi/Lakwaya Electoral Area.

According to a statement released by the Commission, campaign meetings will commence at 7:00 am and end 6:00 pm on each of the campaign dates. The Commission cautions that during this period, candidates shall not use or publish any language or defamatory words, which incite disorder, hatred, violence which threaten war.

”The Commission urges all candidates, their agents and the public to adhere to the harmonized programme and set rules and regulations guiding the campaign period,” reads Commission’s statement. 

The Commission further says that Thursday 26th May 2022, will be the polling day for the Parliamentary and Local Government Councils Byelections in Omoro County Constituency.

”Voting shall be by universal adult suffrage and shall take place at all polling stations in Omoro County Constituency, beginning at 7:00 am till 4:00 pm. Thereafter, counting of votes and declaration of results shall take place,” adds the statement.

The Commission adds that political parties and independent candidates’ agents should stay at their polling
stations throughout the Constituency.Other than observing the exercise, candidates’ agents shall not be expected to interfere with the polling process.”

Further, the Commission has warned that all persons participating in the above electoral exercises shall be required to comply with guidelines issued by the Electoral Commission in accordance with the Government of Uganda and Ministry of Health measures against the spread of COVID19 which includes observing social distancing and wearing of masks. an accessible web community

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