One Sentenced To 15months Imprisonment For Stealing Water Meters

One Sentenced To 15months Imprisonment For Stealing Water Meters an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

The Utility Court presided over by Her Worship, Lady Nambozo Sanula, has sentenced a one Kitaka Ali to 15 months imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to three counts of; tampering with NWSC works, theft of water meters and criminal trespass.

Initially, the accused had pleaded not guilty to the charges and was remanded, with the file transferred to court for the next hearing.

In preparation for the court proceedings, State Prosecutor Judith Nyamwiza and the Kampala Water in-charge of court process, Counsel Bongomin Emmanuel, held a meeting with the NWSC witness, Kintu David Mulumira whose testimony played a significant role in the case.

Ealier this year, Uganda Police revealed that the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), had started prosecuting acts of vandalism of utility infrastructure, sabotage and destruction of government property under the Anti – Terrorism Act, 2002.

Under Section 7(2) A person commits an act of terrorism for purposes of influencing the Government or intimidating the public or a section of the public and for a political, religious, social or economic aim, indiscriminately without due regard to the safety of others or property carries out all or any of the following acts;

a) Intentional and unlawful manufacture, delivery, placement, discharge or detoriation of an explosive or other lethal device, whether attempted or actual, in, into or against a place of public use, a state of Government facility, a public transportation system or an infrastructure facility, with the intent to cause death or serious bodily injury, or extensive destruction likely to or actually resulting in major economic loss.

”It is now evident from the continuous acts of sabotage and destruction of public property, that terrorism does not solely result from violent tactics such as active shooter events, IEDs, suicide and road side bombs, etc, but also from saboteurs and other disaffected persons, targeting vital utility infrastructure,” said Police then. an accessible web community

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