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By Denis Turyahebwa

Just as the saying goes…..’what comes around goes around’, everything has got a beginning and an end. After 13 years of service as the Inspector General of Police, the police boss, Gen.Edward Kalekezi Kayihura’s term at Naguru waw brought to a sadden end.

The powers vested in Uganda’s president under articles 113(1) and 213(2) of the constitution of the republic of Uganda empowers him/her to appoint and disappoint.
Kayihura, 63 years, a Ugandan lawyer,Army General and police officer assumed office as the inspector general of police which is the highest rank in the force in 2005 after replacing General Edward Katumba Wamala making him the second army officer to serve in the police force.

General Kayihura among others, will most be remembered for brutally handling decent voices from the opposition where he heavily deployed against the Forum for Democratic Change Dr. Kizza Besigye campaigns such as walk to work and suppressing the chaotic FDC campaigns across the country.

Many opposition politicians have in most cases stung Kayihura and labelled him as the president’s puppet and that he has simply been implementing president’s agenda. He is blamed for backing the controversial Public order Management bill (POMB) that later became an act, during the 2016 general elections which the opposition members claimed it was intended to infringe on their rights to assemble.

Security organs had kept a deaf ear and closed eyes and instead turned to cheap self-destruction missions, divisionism and activating self-interest promoting gangs especially in the capital. It should be remembered that on January 18, 2018, Gen. Kayihura openly defended Abdallah Kitata, the patron of the brutal militia group Boda boda 2010, which gang has been linked to various criminalities like the murder of the Case clinic accountant Francis Ekalungar.

One can assert that Kayihura’s downfall seems a long waited miracle to many especially the opposition following controversies involved and the long term cat and rat hunt, but still that is not what Ugandans are interested in, the question remains, what next?

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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