Over 10000 Refugees Flee To Uganda As Fights Erupt In DRC-UN

Over 10000 Refugees Flee To Uganda As Fights Erupt In DRC-UN

By Spy Uganda

Some 11,000 Congolese refugees, mostly women and children, have flocked into Uganda since Friday fleeing fighting between M23 rebels and Democratic Republic of Congo government forces, the UN refugee agency has said.

War resumed in Congo’s North Kivu province when government forces clashed with M23 rebels who have been in the area for about six months.

The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) said in a statement that 8,000 Congolese refugees had entered Uganda through the Bunagana border area and 3,000 through the Kibaya border area.

Thomas Kasolo, a security officer in the Kisoro district, said the district is overwhelmed by the large number of refugees who are flocking into the district because they have to provide them with basic necessities like food and water.

Red Cross spokesperson Irene Nakasita said: “Due to fresh fighting, we have more asylum seekers coming into Uganda from DR Congo. Among the new arrivals include those who had returned recently thinking the situation was getting better.”

District resident commissioner Shafik Sekandi told the media that the number of refugees entering the district is considerable and called on relevant organizations to help them in any way possible.

Fighting between M23 rebels and Congo forces started in March when the rebels overran the border town of Bunagana and surrounding areas which they have been occupying since then.

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