Pan-African Pyramid Secures 20 Scholarships For Needy Students @Metropolitan University

Pan-African Pyramid Secures 20 Scholarships For Needy Students @Metropolitan University an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Through its pillars of Pan Africanism, Patriotism and Nationalism, The Pan-African Pyramid (PAP) has once again secured twenty (20) scholarships from Metropolitan University for March and May 2021 intakes, in its move to see all students back to school despite COVID-19 financial hardships.

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According to the Organization’s Founding Speaker and Chairman Andrew Irumba Katusabe Ateenyi, these scholarships are 100% school fees free whereby the student will only pay for university functional fees.

Some Of The Courses Offered At Metropolitan University

“After learning that our fellow Pan-Africanists have been hugely affected by the current COVID-19 financial crisis, these scholarships come in as a relief to help parents and students maneuver through, and this is our third year since we launched this Education scheme program for our young Pan-Africanists. Because we know freeing oneself starts with the mindset,” Speaker noted.

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All applicants interested in the above scholarships should contact its office administrator, Ms.Kobusiinge Monica, on 0755 008769 / 0789 018016 or reach at Head Offices located at plot 41 Ghadafi Road (Former Makerere Hill Road). Scholarships are given on first come first serve basis.

About Pan-African Pyramid

Pan-African Pyramid (PAP) is a non-governmental organization that was founded in 2015 with a vision to articulate concerted efforts geared towards promoting the true African Awakening among the BLACK people throughout Africa and in the Diaspora and galvanize inventions and innovations of African people basing on its principles as an intellectual, non-partisan discussion forum, built on the Pillars of PAN AFRICANISM  PATRIOTISM and NATIONALISM.

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The PAP  Ideology/pre-occupation is to  REVIVE intellectual discourse among youth with a bias on re-constructing our lost Pan-Africanism, patriotism and Nationalism Values and spirit.

The organization was founded by the current PAP Speaker and Chairman Andrew Irumba Katusabe, with its social impact and humanitarian programs including;

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1.Organizing PAP debates every Friday

2.Pan African Pyramid Global Awards every August

3.Collection and delivery of relief aide to refugees every December

4.Agriculture and livestock farming

5.Pan-African Marathon 

6.Establishment of Pan African Pyramid School clubs and debates

7.Small Savings and Investments

8.Tree Planting and Natural Resource Maintenance (Environment Conservation)

As a norm, PAP has continued to provide support to Africans living in harsh situations, especially needy students and refugees in their respective camps.

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Previously they have offered support to Nakivale Refugee settlement camps located in Isingiro district where over 120000 refugees from over 10 nations received donations, which marked the end of 2019  before the coming of COVID-19 that interrupted the 2020 PAP calendar which we have learnt is set to resume this year with PAP Global Awards in August. an accessible web community

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