Panic: Singer Nince Henry Threatens To Commit Suicide

Panic: Singer Nince Henry Threatens To Commit Suicide an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Last night was another horrific moment for celebrities in Uganda after the fellow singer, songwriter dubbed producer Henry Ssekyanzi aka Nince Henry threatened to end his life for unknown reasons.

Nince Henry made the announcement via his  Facebook page saying, “Ngenda Kwetta leero! Kilo Kyaleero!” literally meaning “I am going to commit suicide today, this very night.”

This shocked his fans who immediately rushed into his comment section to give him counseling and courage to stay living comforting him that his life is still useful to the nation hence no reason he should end it carelessly.

By press time, Nince Henry had not replied to any of the comments or given an update on why he announced the shocking news that has since deeped the industry in horrific mode.

Meanwhile Here Are Some Comments From Nince Henry’s Fans

Mariat Katushabe: We always have bad moments in life. That moment when we feel not even, Your heart will understand your pain. And No one you can trust. At moment, I always silently cry out all my pain to the wall. Speak out all the pain. And when it’s all said, and let out. I look into the mirror. And honestly, it never fails to give me a smile And hope for a better tomorrow. Nince dear, We all are depressed moving souls. Even the ones we admire move in agony. But the way we choose the level of depression to control us is different. You’re loved and admired. Never give death, a smile of success. Not before your time dear. Your loved and great. God lead you through it all Nince.

Sarah Shantal: May u heal from whatever u are going through.

Think of the pipo who u are going to hurt for the rest of their lives becoz of yo decision.
Pray, pray, and pray.
U may be going through a tough time at the moment but just know even the pipo here giving u negative comments have got a bunch of problems coz no one who is sane can support someone to do what u are thinking of.
Call someone u feel u are close to and talk to them.
Whenever I feel low or overburdened, I call my mum and cry my tears out but after that call I just know that if I make a wrong decision, it will affect the rest of her life.
So please be strong and also cry out to God, he listens and talks back to us through dreams.
Trust him and yo life will not remain the same.
May God see u through.
Maneger Alkarous: You are a great songwriter, you have written a couple of good hit songs but its too sad you may be going through something that would have too small to handle if you earned from the content you wrote but am not surprised because this is Uganda,buli kimu kifuu if you were staying in Nigeria you would a very rich young man!! Because you were atop writter for 5 consecutive years and even now me i still take you as the most talented living music writer in east Africa but because of the dead government institutions and poor leadership .you earn almost nothing from your knowledge. an accessible web community

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