Pants Down! Drama As Fort Portal Mayor Is Nabbed Bonking  Married Woman In Office

Pants Down! Drama As Fort Portal Mayor Is Nabbed Bonking Married Woman In Office an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Fort Portal: Rev. Willy Kintu Muhanga Ateenyi, who is the Mayor Fort Portal municipality, was allegedly caught red-handed on Monday evening drilling a Side-dish, who happens to be wife of a Special Hire driver in Fort Portal town. 

Spy Uganda has learnt that the husband of the cheating wife(Names withheld), only identified as Amon, mobilised people who quietly surrounded the Mayor’s  office and witnessed the man of God preying on another man’s wife, inside a government office. 

Our Spy in Fort Portal reveals that after nabbing the Mayor drilling his wife’s Oil Well, Amon, the cuckolded husband, later on called police  and the Kabarole Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Steven Asiimwe  to intervene in the matter.

When he reached the scene of sex, RDC Asiimwe  sarcastically condemned the act and said that “Muhanga  did a bad thing. It is regrettable and I strongly condemn such acts.But maybe the Mayor was fulfilling one of his duties of service delivery in his office.”

However, eyewitnesses at the scene said that by the time he was nabbed with the married Mayor Muhanga had been feasting on her Bean’s for over Seven Months and had turned his office into a Bonking Arena of sorts.

Joram Bintamanya, the Councillor South Division said that “What the Mayor did is horrible, deplorable and so shameful! “

However, Mayor Muhanga refuted the allegations, saying that those are tricks being masterminded by his political enemies who aim at tarnishing his name, which he will not allow. 

But Rev. Muhanga is not new to sex scandals. Reports indicate that last year he was nabbed in another such scandal with a student of Uganda Pentecostal University in  Naguru.

It is said that on the fateful day, Muhanga was forced to cough Shs5m as a fine after being nabbed by the girl’s boyfriend in her room chewing her Bean’s.

Out of anger, the boyfriend of the cheating University student smashed Muhanga’s vehicle, moreover after the Mayor had paid the fine. an accessible web community

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