Passengers Flood Taxi,Bus Parks As KCCA Issue Three-Day Waiver to Upcountry Transporters

Passengers Flood Taxi,Bus Parks As KCCA Issue Three-Day Waiver to Upcountry Transporters an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: On 4th June 2020 many travelers were seen by our reporter stuck in various parks in Kisenyi bus terminal, Namayuba bus terminal, old and new taxi parks to travel back to their respective upcountry residences.

However, many were left stranded as many buses and taxis had failed to meet the new KCCA transport guidelines giving them no option other than sleeping in those parks with hope to book on the next day.

Therefore, At Uganda Media Centre yesterday KCCA minister Beti Amongin announced that government has decided to grant a three-day temporary waiver for taxis and buses plying upcountry routes.

Amongi added that government has noted some passengers were sleeping in the parks and public transporters also fail to meet demands of the passengers which result into interrupting curfew time.

“For the above reasons, we have made a temporary waiver for public transporters plying upcountry routes who have not yet finalized registration to carry passengers for a period of three days up to Monday, June 8, 2020”Amongi said.

However, she noted that it’s only Resident City Commissioner (RCC) and KCCA team that shall issue the permit from the parks to any PSV vehicles ready to transport the passengers.

A number of travelers fidgeting for space in a taxi in Kampala today 6th june 2020.

As we filled this article, some of the busy parks seen flooded with passengers this morning include Kisenyi bus terminal with buses transporting to Northern and Eastern Uganda, old and new taxi park, Kisenyi bus terminal with buses heading to western Uganda.

One of the passengers we interracted with include Ms, Nakato Lilian a resident of Bwaise but found heading to Kamuli District revealed to us that she had spent a full night in new taxi park because of failure to get tax.

“I came yesterday morning from bwaise when i reached here i found a crowd of people who later told me were also waiting for taxi’s, we waited till evening when we could not see any taxi but am happy now i have got” Nakato said. an accessible web community

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