Pastor Bugingo Dragged To Court  Over Child Neglect, Domestic Violence

Pastor Bugingo Dragged To Court Over Child Neglect, Domestic Violence

By Andrew Irumba

The battle between House of Prayer Ministries Church Aloysious Bugingo and his wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo is not about to end.
The latest our Spies have is that Naluswa has dragged Bugingo to court again, this time round not for divorce, but neglecting to provide for their children, on top of subjecting them to domestic violence

Our Spies reveal that Naluswa dragged Bugingo to Nakawa Division Family court following his refusal to take care of his younger children who are under age.

In the suit, Pr Teddy Bugingo alleges that ever since he moved out and started cohabiting with his side-dish Suzan Makula Nantaba, the pastor stopped taking care of his children and often subjects them to domestic violence.

Naluswa has since filed with court as part of evidence a leaked audio recorded after court, in which Pr Bugingo was recorded allgedly beating up his children calling them ‘Emizimu’ because they had been recording the court proceedings.

In the audio that has since gone viral on social media, his daughter is heard crying and begging her mother and others who had escorted them to enter the car and leave as the Musumba (Bugingo) who is heard betaing her.

Meanwhile another voice is heard in the background pleading with Bujjingo to leave the daughter alone saying “Mzee Omwana muleke. lekera awo. Mzee…” an accessible web community

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