Pastor Bujjingo Finally Graduates!

Pastor Bujjingo Finally Graduates! an accessible web community

By Michael Atwakiire

Kampala:  Pastor Aloysious Bujingo, the proprietor of Salt Media company and House of prayer ministries, is set to graduate with his first degree in theology this Friday June 28, 2019.

While preaching to his sheep at Canaan church Makerere on Sunday, Bujingo revealed that he had been studying for over three years. “I want to give you good news today,on 28 June this year, I will be graduating with my first degree at Kayiwa International University. I joined United Graduate College and Seminary University in the United States of America through Kayiwa’s international University in 2016. I have been doing wonders there and I’m eagerly waiting to see what they will give me,” he revealed to the excited congregation. He added that “When some pastors opened up a war in 2015, I said ‘omugezi agende asomeyo ka course. I call upon you all on that very day, be there by 8:00am, seated at Kayiwa’s University located along Balintuma Road, in Kampala.”

Bujjingo also said that during his course of education, he has been studying following God’s guidance, not that of his lecturers. “I haven’t been doing what my professors wanted me to do but what I know through God. One of the researches I made successfully and submitted to my professors was to show them incomplete verses in some Bibles like Romans 8:1 of the Luganda version is incomplete.  When I’m still on earth I will get a machine and print Bibles but not my own Bible, the New King James version. And I advise you to get those Bibles as many as you can as early as possible, because you may not get them in the future. I have a copy of the books I submitted to my professors. I will put them in the libraries after graduation so go and buy them. I told them that no one on this earth should be called a Reverend except God,” Bujingo said.

He revealed that after graduation on Friday, he will hold a party on Sunday at his church and a thanks giving service. an accessible web community

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