Pay Less-Stay Longer: Curb Unnecessary Accommodation Expenses With Speke Resort’s ‘Crazy’ Bonanza

Pay Less-Stay Longer: Curb Unnecessary Accommodation Expenses With Speke Resort’s ‘Crazy’ Bonanza an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Speke Resort Munyonyo has unveiled affordable accommodation rates on their swanky rooms in a bid to give a comfortable stay to their loyal clients.

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This time, the hotel says all clients can pay less and stay for long, I mean…this is your home.

This Is Your Home,Pass By & Enjoy The Best 

The hotel’s management further says that on the small fee payable, clients have free complimentary usage of health club, swimming pool, steam and sauna among services.

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Meanwhile, for inquiries and bookings, the resort says that those interested can contact the management via +256-752-711-714 or +256-414-227-111.

Now, on top of the resort’s tasted and proven classic services accommodation facilities, you should not forget Speke’s luxury dining restaurants. The resort offers private, candlelit dinners for two under the stars and can enjoy a specially curated menu, designed in collaboration with their master chefs, accompanied by soft, traditional Ugandan music instruments and the sound of Lake Victoria.

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Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort has 8 well-appointed bars and restaurants. Guests looking for a luxury dining restaurant at the resort can choose from the resort’s traditional, thatched, open-air dining spaces, Lakeside Grill, and the charming Viking Bar.

Unique amongst the resort are dining spaces that offer breath-taking lake views and are surrounded by fragrant, tropical blossoming trees, with the melodious sound of waves, monkeys, and birds at flight. Pass by and taste the resort’s thrilling moments! an accessible web community

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