‘Paying Tribute To A True Legend With African Conscious’- Pan-African Pyramid Family Mourn Their Staunch Member Gen. Elly Tumwine

‘Paying Tribute To A True Legend With African Conscious’- Pan-African Pyramid Family Mourn Their Staunch Member Gen. Elly Tumwine

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Pan-African Pyramid (PAP) has paid tribute to its staunch member and Pan-Africanist Gen. Elly Tumwine who passed on Thursday last week.

According to PAP, an organization that brings together Pan-Africanists globally, Gen. Tumwine was a distinguished and an accomplished soldier, who sacrificed his life for others.

While delivering his speech on the 5th PAP Global Awards 2022 and 9th anniversary and bonfire dinner last week at Fairway Hotel, the founding speaker Andrew Irumba Katusabe applauded the late Gen.Elly Tumwine, Kajabago Karusoke, former Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya for initiating him into Pan Africanism.

”Dear comrades, the person speaking before you here was also initiated into PanAfricanism by the great PanAfricanists, some of whom have since passed on. On 14/6/2021 during COVID19, Prof.Kajabago Karusoke passed away, March 20, 2022, former speaker of Parliament Jackob Oulanya died, yesterday Thursday 25/August/ 2022, Gen.Elly Tumwine also died. Gen.Tumwine and Dr.Kihura Nkuba are my initiators into PanAfricanism. They’re my teachers,” he noted.

Therefore it’s with no doubt that when the Pan-African Pyamid initiated the first ever PAP Global Awards in 2016 with an intention of recognizing Africans who have fought tooth and nail to raise the African flag, Gen. Tumwine was among the very first recipients of these prestigious awards.

Gen. Tumwiine was recognized with African Art Revolutionary award along with Prof. Kajabago Ka-Rusoke (As African Philosopher), Muyunga Muwanga Amon (as African sports inventor), Hon Alex Ruhunda (as Social and Dev’t Entrepreneur), Mr. Rwangyenzi Steven (as African Heritage And Cultural Enterprenuer) among others and he will forever be remembered and missed by PAP Family.

Read PAP’s Full Tribute To Their Fallen Comrade Gen. Elly Tumwine


Apart from being a distinguished and without doubt an accomplished soldier, who sacrificed his life for others all the time, Gen.Elly Tumwine was a staunch Pan-African. He was a staunch pioneer member of The Pan-African Pyramid, an organization that brings together Pan-Africanists across the globe but headquartered in Uganda.

Gen. Tumwine not only believed in the Pan-African beliefs and ideology, but the above defined him. In him, Pan-Africanism resided and flourished. He didn’t just talk about it; he lived it and recruited hundreds of others, including the Founding speaker and Chairman of this Organization, Andrew Irumba Katusabe Ateenyi.

Gen.Tumwine, late Prof.Kajabago Karusoke, Dr.Kaihura Nkuba Rwacumika among others have since led to mass recruitment of Pan-Africanists across the globe, and therefore, in Pan-Africanism, we believe, after doing such a noble duty, you don’t die, you only transition into another life, or take a nap. Because, in your new recruits, your aspirations and ideology will live forever. So Gen.Tumwine took a nap on Thursday 25th August 2022, but his works will continue through us, his recruits and his biological children, relatives and close friends with whom he shared.

To many of us Gen. Elly Tumwine was a teacher, mentor, compass, comforter, parent and a true definition of a fearless African man ready for war at any time to defend his sphere of influence.

This condolence message therefore represents the hundreds of Pan-African pyramid member community who live in different parts of the world and couldn’t make it to the burial place. In the spirit of Pan-Africanism and Ubuntu, which exhibited so much in Gen.Tumwine’s life, we extent our sincere sympathies to Gen.Tumwine’s
wife, children, relatives, close friends and the army fraternity for an irreplaceable loss. In Gen.Tumwine lived a representation of a true Black Conscious.

Rest in perfect power African soldier, Gen. Elly Tumwine
Africa, Don’t Agonize_Organize!

Andrew Irumba Katusabe
Founding Speaker & Chairman
The Pan-African Pyramid

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