People  Hate Me Because Of Dad – Bebe Cool’s Son

People Hate Me Because Of Dad – Bebe Cool’s Son an accessible web community

By Samuel Opio

Allan Hendrik, Bebe Cool’s first born has said that a lot of people treat him with hate only because he is Bebe Cool’s son.

Bebe’s political affiliations and blunt statements have alienated him from many people. He was pelted with water bottles at a concert recently in Uganda at Kyadondo Oval grounds and in USA,prompting him to take a break from performances.

The bashing Bebe Cool is getting, Hendrik says,he is getting a dose of it too.

“Everywhere I go, people either abuse me or  jeer at me. Others avoid me. It is even worse at school,” Hendrik said in an interview.

He however maintains that Bebe is his idol and he is following in his every step.

He has always received a lot of support from his father who has always introduced him to his own fans at big music events and even delegated some duties to him

Hendrik is at the International University of East Africa. an accessible web community

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