People Power Mobiliser Flees To USA For Fear Of His Life

People Power Mobiliser Flees To USA For Fear Of His Life an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Several Ugandans subscribing to Bobi Wine’s People Power pressure group are fleeing Uganda because of the persecution they are facing from state security apparatus.

Spy Uganda has learnt that Abubaker Mutebi, who was a People Power mobiliser in Makindye division, fled to United States of America a few months back, fearing for his life, after his arrest and alleged torture in two police cells in Kampala.

Speaking to our reporter on Friday, Anisha Nankya,36, a relative of Mutebi said that “Mutebi is son of Abdu Hamid Mutebi, a resident of Luwafu in Makindye division. He was first arrested on September 5th, 2017 on his way to work.

He told us he was driven in a van, with armed men slapping him and others squeezing his private parts, forcing him to tell them the People Power plans. He said he was later driven to Central Police Station Kampala (CPS) by police officers in plain clothes, who dumped him there and drove off. He was detained for four days and later released on bond, although no charges were placed.”

Nankya added that “Mutebi, who left two of his children in Uganda prior to fleeing told me before he fled the country while he was still at CPS when I vised him before he was transferred to Nagalama police station that he was beaten and interrogated, as interrogators asked him why he was opposing the government and supporting People Power led by Bobi Wine (Robet Kyagulanyi MP Kyadondo East).”

“He said they denied him access to his lawyer, doctor and relatives before releasing him four days later after another relative Faisal Sebalamu stood surety for him,” said Nakya referring to the case file Number as SD17/04/2017 on charges of inciting violence, unlawful assemblies were preferred against him,” Nankya went on to reveal.

“As if that wasn’t enough he said he was constantly being threatened by security men to be silenced for good, harm members of his immediate family members if he did not quit or stop his involvement in People Power movement activities,” she added.

Nankya also revealed further that Mutebi on December 13, 2017, left Uganda for Dubai for a few months but when he returned unknown people continued trailing him, threatening him that unless he stop mobilising support for Bobi Wine in Makindye division he will face it rough.

Our Spy revealed that Mutebi was later forced to flee to USA disguising as a guest at the Uganda North American Association (UNAA) which was due to take place on August 29th 2019 in New York City.
However, efforts to talk to police spokesperson Fred Enanga were fruitless as he was not picking his phone. an accessible web community

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