People Power MUK Law Student Goes Missing, Feared Kidnapped

People Power MUK Law Student Goes Missing, Feared Kidnapped an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: There is fear at Makerere University because a Law student, who is also a People Power advocate, disappeared without a trace and has been missing for days now.

Joshua William Mukisa, a third-year law student at Makerere University, is a former Guild Presidential aspirant under the People Power movement. However, he disappeared a few days ago without letting any of his friends or classmates know here he was going, which is unusual. Tadeo Nyakoojo, Mukisa’s roommate at Lumumba Hall, said he last saw Mukisa last Friday. “When I returned from the library that evening, I thought Mukisa had also gone to read. I kept my books and went for supper in Kikoni. On my way, just at the hall entrance, I met him and I told him where I had put the key and proceeded to get what to eat. That was the last time I saw him.”

Nyakoojo told our Spies. He added  that; “When I returned, he was nowhere but his phone was on the table ringing. There were two contacts that were calling saved as Namuddu Milly and Emma. But I kept on muting the phone because I don’t usually pick people’s calls, of course, I thought he would return.”  He added that  throughout the night Mukisa didn’t return and the following day he was nowhere to be seen but his phone kept  ringing. That was when I informed the chairman and Luboobi (his friend) and we started searching for him. We thought he had gone home and the fact that I was also busy with exams, I didn’t bother much. But he had left with his other small phone,” Nyakoojo added.  Elvis Omoit, the Lumumba Hall Chairperson said “I last saw Mukisa on Friday but learnt that he was missing on Saturday.”

Chairperson’s letter

He added that “We had initially thought Mukisa had gone home but we became concerned when we found he had left his phone behind in his room.” Mukisa’s father George Muzaale who was at Makerere University on Tuesday said he is worried about his son’s whereabouts.  “We were last with Mukisa during Easter break. But he looked unsettled. As parents, we asked him what was troubling him but he did not say anything. I asked whether he had debts because you know those are the ones that can destabilize a student but he said he hadn’t any,” Muzaale said.  It is however said that Mukisa called two of his friends on Friday identified as Adit Mark Raymond and Mark Kawooya, and told them that he was receiving threats from some people.  He allegedly told the duo that there was a person who had been trailing him for some time.  “He called me and Spector on Friday to his room. When we reached, he told us he was receiving strange calls from people who were threatening him. This was before he posted on his Facebook denouncing People Power,” Kawooya said.  Muzaale says they saw a Facebook post, which has since been pulled down and got concerned. Mukisa’s other friend Zuran David Livingstone, said he suspects their friend could have been kidnapped by some people whose interests are not yet known. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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