Pictorial: What You Missed At Bunga Bet Fans Football Match

Pictorial: What You Missed At Bunga Bet Fans Football Match

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By Spy Uganda Team

The management of Bunga Bet Uganda, one of the biggest betting companies in Uganda on Sunday organised a friendly game against Kabowa Bunga Bet Fans at Wankulukuku.

The fans proved to the Jarvis Hongs coached side (Bunga Bet) that indeed they do not only spend more time on papers analysing possible wins but also spend time in the field training harder.

Though the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Prosper Tuhaise tried to unleash his soccer skills, the young lads were too slippery. It ended 5-2 in favour of the fans.

The game attracted a number of fans who cheered for their favourite Bunga Bet players.

The aim of the game according to the organisers was to give back to the community. Giving back to the community is part of the company’s activities since it started operating in Uganda. The company has organised different types of activities that has attracted a number of fans around the country.

What you missed  in a lens!

The big man himself in action: CEO, Prosper Tuhaise proved that he is still fit for the game!

Improve on your speed: Coach Hongs Jarvis commanding his army

Fit and Capable: CEO showing the young lads how to do it
Put it right here: CEO escaping from an opponent for a ball
Culture: The drum that motivated Bunga Bet family
3 against 1: Bunga Bet players fighting for a ball with Kabowa player
One on One! Bunga Bet player taking on Kabowa’s player
Counter attack: CEO sprinting with the ball past Kabowa’s player
Am trying to smile but these fans couldn’t spare us: This Bunga Bet player claimed the match ball when he didn’t score a hat-trick
Chelsea should hurry for Higuan’s replacement: Dangerous striker
The management: Bunga Bet team that gave the Kabowa team hard time on the pitch
The next Chelsea’s Striker: CEO in One on One with Kabowa’s player
Kabowa team posing for a group photo with the big man
Hey, please give me those playing boots: This dangerous Bunga Bet midfielder seems to be running out of the pitch for shoes
You can still do it! Coach motivates his player after missing a goal while CEO can’t believe that the goal was missed
Does she want to play N.1? This dangerous midfielder is trying to convince the goalkeeper to surrender his number for her
Promoting young talent: CEO giving a ball to young academy lad as another young talented lad smiles besides
Tightly marked: Kabowa players are not giving this Bunga Bet player any Freedom
This academy lad gave Kabowa players hard time on the pitch

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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