“Point Of Correction, Komuntale’s Son Is Saava Not Prince” Tooro Princess Mabel Komuntale Warns Queen Mother To Stop The Nonsense!

“Point Of Correction, Komuntale’s Son Is Saava Not Prince” Tooro Princess Mabel Komuntale Warns Queen Mother To Stop The Nonsense!

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By Spy Uganda

Earlier this week, Tooro Kingdom Princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntale gave birth to a baby boy, the first child with her husband Phil Anthony.

Both the King, His Majesty King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru and his mother Queen Best Kemigisa took it to social media to celebrate and without any fear of contradiction named the baby ‘Prince’ Jamari Mathew Farquharson Adyeeri.

“I congratulate Her Royal Highness Princess Ruth Komuntale Akiiki and Phil Farquharson upon the birth of baby ‘Prince’ Jamari Mathew Farquharson Adyeeri, I welcome my first handsome nephew to the Royal Family. May God bless both parents and the baby,” King Oyo tweeted.

The title of the baby has however left a couple of Kingdom elders and chiefs in awe mode wondering how Queen Kemigisa came up with the title of Prince yet this child’s father is not a Royal.

Among the deeply concerned Batooro include Mabel Komuntale Akiiki, the elder sister to late King Oyo’s dad, David Olimi Kaboyo who has since warned Best Kemigisa to go slow on trying to twist the norms and cultures of the kingdom by simply giving out Kingdom titles to whoever she deems fit without going through the norms of the Kingdom.

According to Mabel Komuntale Akiiki, children of the princess, if they are boys they are called Saava. If they are girls, they’re called Naava.

”I’m a princess (elder sister to late Patrick David Olimi Kaboyo, Oyo’s father), but both my boys are called Saava, not princes because their father is not a Mubiito (ruling clan),” says Mabel adding, ”I don’t know who are Kemigisa, Oyo and Komuntale’s advisers! They seem to think they’re the system (Tooro) and the system is them! They do all strange things in the name of Obukama bwa Tooro. Our Kingdom was invaded by satan. My brother Olimi akatuletera orufu.”

Queen Best Kemigisa’s Facebook Post On Komuntale’s Baby ”The Prince”

According to Mabel, Queen mother named Komuntale’s son a prince with an ulterior motive of making him king if Oyo doesn’t produce so that he ”steals kingdom properties and changes some from being Kingdom properties into privately owned.”

Mabel Clarifies On Why Princess Komuntale’s Son Can’t Be Titled Prince

“The baby boy cannot be called a Prince. His father is not a Royal. Only a child of a Prince or King can have a title of a Prince. King Oyo’s child will automatically become a Prince or Princess.

In fact, it’s not surprising to hear Kemigisa declaring that little boy a prince, which means he stands to be the heir of Oyo if he doesn’t marry and have his own children. These people have since changed Kingdom assets into Oyo’s names.

As of now, I understand Muchwa, the Tooro Parliament is about to be made a hotel on orders of Kemigisa. Remember all those assets came out of my father’s sweat and Abanyorobe. I take Batooro situation very seriously because I know their value to the royal family. We couldn’t be there without Batooro (subjects) but subjects could be there without a King and the royal family.

Batooro survived during the governments of President Milton Obote and Okello Lutwa until President Yoweri Museveni. I say to you Obukama tiguli mupiira. Just like Baganda fought a war on condition and they restored their Kingship, my brother Olimi and Bagaya joined Museveni before the election of 1980 to restore Tooro Kingdom. Kemigisa was nowhere to be seen! So how can she embark on to subject Batooro to that kind of treatment? Do you know why she has such power? because she knows how to make those who matter vulnerable and blackmail them if they do not submit to her demands.

President Museveni was supposed to be in London today [9th September 2022] and I was going to be one of the Ugandans to meet him. But unfortunately, he cancelled his journey due to Queen’s death. One of the issues I was going to bring to his attention is Batooro’s situation since their King Olimi 3rd passed away and since Kemigisa and Omukama Oyo took over. Batooro have been weeping.

I have watched and luckily met people here in the UK who have enlightened me about Kemigisa, it’s total sadness. But the UK is a great Country if you watch their royal family and government system. Very ready to continue their culture and political system in this event of Her Majesty the Queen’s death. All old cultures are well organized. Everything is in order. Wonderful.
Empako yange niyo Akiiki.
Kale Ateenyi. Mukama alinde.
Mabel Komuntale”.

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