Police Assaults Journalists As Traders Storm Tycoon Ham Over Reopening Of Arcade

Police Assaults Journalists As Traders Storm Tycoon Ham Over Reopening Of Arcade

By Spy Uganda

There was a scuffle between the police and irate traders who had stormed city businessman Hamis Kiggundu aka Ham’s office demanding to know when he plans to reopen his buildings such that they can resume working.

The traders, who are tenants on his buildings like Ham Tower, Ham Shopping Grounds Nakivubo, among others, were demanding that Ham either tells them when he plans to reopen the buildings or he allows them to take out their merchandise such that they can find space elsewhere.

Ochaka, one of the policemen who allegedly assaulted the Journalists

However, tycoon Ham, who feared for his life because of the traders ran into his office and ordered the police to disperse the irate traders.

But during the scuffle, which involved firing of teargas and rubber bullets, three journalists, who include; Anania Nsereko of KS TV, Joachim Ssebuuma of Top TV and Shari Ssuubi of Now TV, were brutally assaulted reportedly by tycoon Ham’s security guards supported by police as they covered the mele.

One of tycoon Ham’s guards who assaulted the traders

The brutal police allegedly confiscated and damaged the journalists’ gadgets of work, deleted footage, on top of clobbering them.

Another cop who brutalisted the journalists

By the time of filing this article the assaulted journalists had rushed to Old Kampala Police to seek justice although the police were yet to issue a statement about the incident.

Tycoon Ham had also not yet issued a statement about the whole saga, although human rights and journalists’ Association condemned the violence against scribes by  the police and other security officers.  

Nsereko shows the injuries he suffered as a result of police brutality

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