Police Commander Arrested For Killing Juvenile

Police Commander Arrested For Killing Juvenile

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By Brian Bariyo Tumuramye

In January 2020, ASP Obbu Franco, the Officer in charge Bukuya Police Station in Kassanda district shot dead a-13-year old boy.

It’s reported that Obbo shot dead Patrick Manihiro, during an operation against stray aggressive dogs.

“When Mr Ogu was informed of a stray dog which was terrorising residents, he picked a gun and in the process of trying to shoot the dog, a stray bullet hit the boy,” Mr Daniel Ogwellan, the Kassanda District Police Commander said.

After the shooting, the DPC said Ogu returned the gun to the station and disappeared.
“Tentatively, we have preferred murder charges against him,” he added.

The police mouthpiece Fred Enanga, revealed that a communication was sent to all police stations in Uganda on Ochola’s orders to have Obbo arrested from wherever he was hiding.

However, after learning about the orders given to his colleagues, he turned himself in Wamala regional police headquarters where he was immediately detained.

Police said Obbo’s file has since been sent to directorate of public prosecution –DPP for perusal and legal advice. Enanga said the DPP will guide police on charges that can be slapped against Obbo though he currently faces murder charges.

Obbo’s relatives and friends had been cautioned against hiding him. IGP Ochola extended condolences to the immediate family, friends and relatives of Manihiro. 

Ochola also dispatched a team that reached out to the family but also promised to fast track the investigations. Investigators gathered the possible evidence in Obbo’s absence through interacting with eyewitnesses.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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