Police Releases Postmortem Report On Remains Of Onebe’s Wife Found In Septic Tank

Police Releases Postmortem Report On Remains Of Onebe’s Wife Found In Septic Tank

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: In furtherance to the ongoing investigations surrounding the alleged disappearance and subsequent murder of Ms.Immaculate Onebbe, Uganda Police has issued a statement confirming that they have received the Postmortem report in relation to the remains that were found in the home of Mr and Mrs Francis Onebbe.

According to Police, the results from the team of medical examiner’s and pathologists, confirm that the bones recovered from the septic tank, are for one person and not two, as earlier indicated from the scene of crimes investigators.

In addition, the bones were submitted for further forensic examination and scientifically identified as that of an adult female. The DNA from the skeletons samples and that of the family members, clearly matched. ”As a result, the remains of late Mrs. Immaculate Onebbe were handed over to her immediate family members for a decent burial,” said Police.

”Our task team of investigators are now focused on gathering evidence surrounding the circumstances under which the late Mrs. Immaculate Onebbe disappeared, how her body was dumped and concealed in the septic tank, and other relevant evidence to warrant prosecution of the culprits behind this gruesome murder,’ adds Police.


For the past months, Mr Onebe the husband to Immaculate has been alleging that his wife was abducted as she had gone out to the shop to purchase some food items.

“She had gone outside to the main road to buy Irish potatoes but surprisingly she took long minus returning so I told my gateman to go to the market where she normally buys items from and within three to four minutes he only returned with items she had bought,” Onebe said in an interview recently.

According to one vendor who appeared in the same video, Immaculate left the items behind and told them that someone will come and pick them from there.

However, CCTV footage of the area shows Immaculate travelling back home with polythene after buying some foodstuffs advancing near a fuel station.

More footage from the Church ministries which is near the reported Gaz fuel station also shows immaculate walking home.

Another source explaining the camera footage indicates that they saw Immaculate moving across the road and after some distance, she crossed to the other side of the road and that is when she was abducted.

“A drone was seen passing by with a lady in black also trailing her from behind, this drone really had very bright lights and when it bypassed her, that was the last time we saw any movements I think that Drone might have parked and then this lady maybe pushed her in because that was the last we saw these people on the road,” the source said.

Mr Onebe in his explanation said the security personnel who he first contacted immediately after the abduction of his wife told him not to lose hope saying that his wife was with those in security.

While responding to Mr Onebe’s claim recently, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said Onebe called them requesting them to halt the search of his wife on account that he knew where she was.

“I think he suspected those security agencies but he did not give details on which agencies he was talking about,” Enanga said recently.

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