Police Revokes Licenses For 40 Private Security Companies

Police Revokes Licenses For 40 Private Security Companies

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By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: The Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola on July 15 with immediate effect ordered the cancelation of at least 40 licenses of 202 private security companies due to violating all the statutory standards set by the Internal Affairs ministry.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga in a press briefing said, all companies whose licences had been cancelled lacked competency managerial discipline poor service delivery and lacked enough man power
“There have been cases of indiscipline, lack of customer care, poor training and poor supervision by members of Private Security Organizations (PSOs). All the PSOs will be vetted and the report sent to the IGP to take action,” Enanga said.

The Uganda Private Security Association (TUPSA) chairperson, Mr Grace Matsiko, said these private security organs (PSOs), whose annual operating licences were been banned had failed to match with payment of security gun fees to police and had inadequate man power.
“These affected PSOs are working around the clock to pay the police gun rental fees and also increase their personnel capacity. We hope they will be given this year’s annual operator’s licence after fulfilling the requirements.” Matsiko said.

However, Security Companies urge that police banned single deployment of private security guards, which led to financial stress to PSOs since they had already signed contracts for a single guard with their clients.

These PSOs contribute more than $200m (about Shs760 billion) in revenue to the government annually.
In their previous statements PSOs said the increase in demand for private security guards abroad has affected their personnel capacity as many labor recruiting companies ‘poach’ them even when they have standing contracts with security firms.

They also complained of losing a lot of funds whenever guards run away from employment since they have spent money in training them.
It is estimated that private security companies spend at least Shs1.5m to train a guard in two months.

According to police records, there are about 50,000 private guards in the country.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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