Police Speaks Out On Newly Installed ‘Fake Cameras’

Police Speaks Out On Newly Installed ‘Fake Cameras’

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By Ronaldo N. Kalangi

Police mouthpiece Emilian Kayima has clarified on the controversial story which was recently published on media titled, “CCTV CAMERA SYSTEM FAILS TO READ BODA LICENCE PLATES” saying it’s very inaccurate and inappropriate.

The Uganda Police spokesperson says the story misleads audiences and must be corrected.
“It should be clear that contrary to the allegation in the newspaper article, these cameras ably read and recognize boda boda registration plates as they do with the car registration number plates,” Kayima said.

He added that these cameras recognize number plates automatically.
“These cameras are automatic Number Plate Recognition and the facial recognition cameras as these are cameras that query the database for matching Automatic Number Plates. Their placements are unique compared to the surveillance ones. Their operation is set to give alerts of any blacklisted number plate on the wanted list. Their installation has not started yet,”

“Secondly, the surveillance cameras that are being installed will ably identify the riders and will show that the cyclist passed that point of choice. They will bring out the picture of the rider very well. There is an intelligence component in these cameras that help in identifying objects as defined by the system. In this case, an object refers to human beings, abandoned items, and groupings of items or people.”

According to the Police spokesperson, the contractor has never been summoned by the police management over this matter because it has never come up as a concern.

He added that the team handling the project is fully satisfied with what is being done and the project is moving on smoothly as per the schedule keeping in mind the required standards.

The Senior Superintendent of Police later asked all media houses to cooperate with Uganda police by seeking for full information to avoid writing false information.

“We implore the media to always seek for full information and clarification in case some story has to be written to avoid sounding false and alarmists when it could be a case of lack of clarity. We are always available to clarify on anything in this direction and more.”

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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