Police Storm Home Of OWC Agent Of Ntawo

Police Storm Home Of OWC Agent Of Ntawo

By Our Reporter

“A senior state lab analyst told MUKONO court that exhibits recovered from a rented home of OWC agent are similar to devices used by homos,” Mr., Justus Ochan of the state analytical lab, Wandegeya told court & police investigators probing the former OWC, agent Buwembo Charles on charges of sodomizing a one Musa.Sajjabi.

Mr. Ochan, further said that they found assortment of drugs i.e. pain killers, Dermatology creams & 250ml chloroform bottles, pornographic materials i.e. CD-video players, Condoms (roughriders) Gleicyline cream among other exhibits.

He will take them to state lab for more tests, after they’ll come up with final examinations & report, mostly on the effects they can cause or have on human being.

He further said that dermatology creams are commonly used by homos to ease their anal penetration while pain killers are used to reduce the pain associated with anal sex intercourse.

One of the pathologist (names withheld) who witnessed the searching of Buwembo’s home said they were tasked by the court to examine carefully the exhibits.

Buwembo Charles, is accused of having sexual intercourse with his male partner a one Musa Sajjabi against the order of the nature which is contrary to section 145a of the Penal Code Act, 2014 under laws that governs the Republic of Uganda.

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