Pool Cranes Ladies  Scoop Gold Medal  At Africa Pool Championships

Pool Cranes Ladies Scoop Gold Medal At Africa Pool Championships

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By Brian Bariyo Tumuramye

Kampala: The Uganda Pool Cranes team returned home aboard Kenya Airlines on Tuesday, 29th October from the 2019 Africa Pool Championships in Secunda, South Africa.

Uganda was represented in both men and women categories, Uganda won gold in the ladies term event and came second in the men’s team event, beating all odds they faced with no funding at all from the government.

Pool Cranes ladies show off their medals

Victoria Namuyanja also came second in the ladies singles event, Ceaser Chandiga shocked the continent with his magical skills in the Chinese 8 ball that led him to a bronze medal adding to the glory the team will bring home and ladies team Captain Amina Faith Nganda who came third on her inaugural tour thanked the team sponsors for making it happen, and attributed their overall success to thorough preparation and training ahead of the games.

Pool Association of Uganda (PAU) is very grateful to Chris Rugari and his companies SPA Financial Services and Array Metals – for making it possible for the team of 22 people to travel to South Africa and participate, ‘We owe full allegiance to Chris Rugari who single handedly trusted that we can deliver, and we are glad we did not disappoint,’ Robert Kayanja, PAU Tournament Secretary said.

Pool Cranes men’s team after returning from South Africa

Uganda got more honours when Hans Rugari was co-opted as Marketing Executive for AAPA, the continental pool body to which Uganda affiliates as Patron of the Pool Cranes, Hans promised to secure event funding to the Chinese 8ball World Cup event due in March 2020 and subsequent AAPA events.

Female Team: Angellah Busingye, Amina Nganda (Captain), Zaimati Nabafu, Sharon Mirembe, Victoria Namuyanja, Ritah Nimusiima, Rashidah Mutesi and Rukia Naiga

Male Team: Alfred “Black Sheep” Gumikiiriza, Ceaser Chandiga, Geofrey Ssetumba, Ibra Ssejjemba, Joseph Kasozi and Simon “The Computer” Lubulwa


Ladies’ Chinese Eightball Singles

1. Nicola Rosseu (6000 Rands)

2. Naiga Rukia (3000 Rands)

3. Suzette Bouyet (1500 Rands)

Women’s Chinese Eightball Team

1. South Africa (6000 Rands)

2. Uganda (3000 Rands)

3. Zimbabwe (1500 Rands)

Men’s Chinese Eightball Team Event

1. South Africa (10,000 Rands)

2. Uganda (6000 Rands)

3. Zimbabwe (3000 Rands)

Men’s Chinese Eightball Singles

1. Ryan Malky (South Africa) – 12000 Rands

2. Joseph Mtsweni (South Africa) – 6000 Rands

 3.Caesar Chandiga (Uganda) – 2000 Rands

Women’s Black Ball Singles

1. Nicola Rossouw (South Africa) – 3000 Rands

2. Victoria Namuyanja (Uganda) – 1500 Rands

3. Faith Nganda (Uganda) – 750 Rands

Men’s Blackball Singles

1. Vischen Jagdev – 6000 Rands

2. Joseph Aden – 3000 Rands

3. Senzo Gumede – 1000 Rands

Women’s Black Ball Team Event

1. Uganda –    3000 Rands

3. Zimbabwe – 1500 Rands

3. South Africa – 750 Rands

Men’s Blackball Team

1. South Africa – 5000 Rands

2. Uganda – 3000 Rands

3. Zimbabwe – 1500 Rands

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