Poor Boy: Dumped Ykee Benda Coils In Cold Bed Alone As Martha Kay Splashes ‘El-Nino’ On A-pass

Poor Boy: Dumped Ykee Benda Coils In Cold Bed Alone As Martha Kay Splashes ‘El-Nino’ On A-pass

By Spy Uganda

Guys, we recently told you about how popular musicians Wycliff Tugume aka Ykee Benda and Alex Bagonza alias A-pass are beefing over bootylicious city comedienne Martha Kay.

It all started a few months ago when Martha decided that Ykee Benda has no ‘Waaka’; so she ended the fling she had with him and decided to hook up lanky dancehall star Apass.

Spice Diana also endorsed their love

 But ever since the hookup, Spies say Martha and Apass have been painting the internet with pictures and videos of their romance, something that did not go down with Ykee, who became overcome jealousy and brought the beef head-on.

Lydia Jazmine’s tweet about Martha and Apass love

Now the latest from our Spies is that Ykee Benda no longer enjoys the bed he bought using his own money, because it is so cold ever since Martha left it.

Apass and Martha Kay cuddling during a recent photo-shoot

His pals intimated to our spy that the poor dude just coils in his bed like a priest, reminiscing on the sweet moments he once had with Martha in that very bed.

Meanwhile, Martha, who seems to be a ‘General’ in matters of Pum-Pum and Live Wire, has continued to sing songs of love and praise for her new Toy-boy Apass, ok, until further notice!

She recently tweeted thus; “@Lydiahjazmine come see me sing for @IamApass.. #omalawo

By the way, as you read this, some musicians have started congratulating Martha Kay and Apass for hooking up, among these is Lydia Jazmine and Spice Diana.

Jazmine tweeted that; “Lydia JazmineFlag of Uganda @Lydiahjazmine: Wulululuuuluuuu Naye Love Eno! Rolling on the floor laughing (Woman dancing Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes) Sanchu @marthakayug @iamapass Byebyono Banange (Face with tears of joy) #OMALAWO (Folded hands-Red heart)

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