Preparations In High Gear For Indians’ 50th Anniversary Of Expulsion By Amin

Preparations In High Gear For Indians’ 50th Anniversary Of Expulsion By Amin an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

In August 1972, Idi Amin, the leader of Uganda then, gave the order that Asian people had 90 days to leave the country.

This triggered the mass movement of almost 80,000 Ugandan Asians, seeking refuge in countries all over the world. Boarding planes, most could only take what they could carry or were permitted to carry. Just over 28,000 flew to Britain to start new lives, often leaving family, friends, businesses and possessions behind.

Now, this year’s August 4, 2022 will mark the 50th anniversary of the expulsion with various celebrations in and out of the country..

In Uganda, Bharat Ghelani, Chief Planner and Organiser Uganda Reunion 2022 says that they are planning a gathering in the country to reflect on the traumatic time of being ordered out of Uganda.

“For those who wished to extend their stay to visit Kenya or Tanzania, additional tours were made available through our travel partners. This reunion will form a poignant memory, where we were born, how we grew up, the schools we attended and the businesses we set-up with our families,” says Bharat adding,”Words cannot express how delighted I personally feel, that we will all be here, together, smiling and catching up with each other after so long. It will be a feeling of sheer joy, seeing that spring has sprung and 50 years have passed so quickly since we left this beautiful country.”

He says the aim of the celebrations is to promote tourism in Uganda, “It will bring together a range of excursions and activities that will make this a trip of a lifetime, giving everyone the opportunity to reunite with their old friends from across the globe. In other words we want to ensure that the trip is befitting of this momentous occasion.”

A proud Indian with a patriotic heart for Uganda, Bharat says, “Seeing us all here together will bring back so many memories of all the years passed. Regrettably there are many Ex-Ugandan Asians who are unable to attend the gathering due to various reasons! Sadly we have also lost many of our dear friends, we dearly miss you all but I am sure their spirit will be with us all on the day.” an accessible web community

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