The call was made last evening as he presided over of the handover/ take over of the office of Commander of Anti Air Craft (AAC) assets which took place at the Contingent Headquarters at Halane Base camp Mogadishu in Somalia. “You are taking over office at a very critical period with critical activities, prepare for them,” Col Opero emphasized.

He further assured the commanders that although the task was critical it would be easy if there was cooperation amongst all the command and staff elements involved. “We have handled similar tasks before, this shouldn’t be difficult for us. Cooperate, communicate, and coordinate,” he urged.

The D/CONTICO further urged the incoming commander to brief his troops about the new tasks under the new arrangement of Africa Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) “It’s your responsibility to orient your personnel to the new tasks under ATMIS,” he said.

In his hand over report, Col Samuel Mwesigwa thanked the UPDF leadership for entrusting him with such a critical responsibility, which he said was a sign of confidence in him.

The Air Defence element is crucial in protection of troops against air attacks, during convoy operations and provides direct fire support to troops, including  enhancing their fire power.

Earlier on, the contingent administrative officer Col Emmanuel Odong presided over the hand over/ take over of the office of the contingent communications officer between Lt Col Godfrey Mugarura and Lt Col  Rashid Matovu.

Both functions were attended by key commanders and staff officers at the contingent.