President Museveni Bans Public Transport, Markets Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

President Museveni Bans Public Transport, Markets Amid Coronavirus Outbreak an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday, March 25, 2020, banned the use public transports means like taxis, buses, boda-bodas, Tuk-tuks, passenger trains and all other public transport means, as a way of mitigating the prevention and spread of the killer Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The  President also advised supermarkets to use boda-boda riders in the delivery of goods to consumers and banned the sale of other commodities in local markets except for foodstuffs.

Museveni announced the new guidelines in his fifth national address about Coronavirus, which was held at State House Nakasero, Kampala, on Tuesday evening, shortly after the Ministry of Health announced that the number of Coronavirus infections had risen to 14 cases in Uganda.

During the Presidential Address, Museveni  said that;  “The government has decided to suspend for 14 days, all public transport, including all taxis, coasters, buses, passenger trains, tuk-tuks and Boda-bodas.”

He added that; “Private cars shall be allowed to move on the road but they shall not have more than three people in the car, including the driver.”

His excellency noted that “Markets bring together many people. Thanks to them for efforts made. However, in markets, social distancing of 4 meters is impossible to achieve. Hence markets will only sell foodstuffs i.e matooke, sweet potatoes, cassava, rice, beans etc. Trading of non-food items e.g clothes, mobile phones, necklaces, shoes, sandals etc is henceforth suspended.”

The President also said that trucks shall be allowed to transport goods but they should not carry passengers.

 “The same applies to boda-bodas and tuk-tuks. They can move as long as they are transporting food and be careful while implementing this, such that you avoid conflict of why has this one been allowed and the other one refused,” Museveni warned.

He also noted that “Public offices should work out the essential staff that are needed to remain on duty. Even in the districts, the officials can identify boda-bodas who can deliver food and other cargo to wherever it is needed. This crisis will teach us other methods of doing business.”

About the delivery of blood and other samples to Coronavirus testing hubs, the President directed that all government vehicles shall be used to pick and deliver the samples to the testing hubs across the country which are 100 in total.  

President Museveni concluded by urging Ugandans to read the book of Isaiah Chapter  26:20, which says that  “Go home, my people, and lock doors! Hide yourself for a little while until the lord’s Anger passed.” an accessible web community

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