President Trump Donates Salary To US Health Care

President Trump Donates Salary To US Health Care an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

American president Donald Trump has stunned the globe by donating his salary to the people of the United States of America.
trump did the unthinkable by donating up to US400,000 (about Shs1,477,560,000) to the Surgeon General’s office such that the money can be used to treat American citizens who need surgery but cannot afford the medical bills.
Trump confirmed the donation by tweeting on his official twitter handle #POTUS thus;
“I donate 100% of my President’s salary, USD400,000, back to our country, and feel very good about it.”

However, Trump’s very generous gesture has left many Americans in disbelief, because he happens to be the first president in US history to ever do it.

Trump has also given a big challenge to several African presidents who enrich themselves at the expense of their poor citizens and live in opulent luxury while their populace languish in abject poverty. an accessible web community

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