Presidential Matters A Side! Kyagulanyi Runs To Court To Save His Multimillion Car

Presidential Matters A Side! Kyagulanyi Runs To Court To Save His Multimillion Car an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: National Unity Platform President, Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine is seeking court’s intervention in matters of Uganda Revenue Authority that has since threatened to impound his multimillion armored vehicle over political reasons-according to him.

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Previously, TheSpy Uganda intercepted a letter inked by the URA to Bobi Wine asking him to return his rare vehicle back into their hands under excuses that their ‘sleepy’ officials didn’t know it was an ‘armored vehicle’ and therefore it was under-declared and undertaxed.

However, in a response letter from Bobi’s lawyers of Wameli and Co. Advocates, to URA, noted that the tax collectors who seemed to be asleep when they were clearing his vehicle, don’t have automatic powers to re-examine his vehicle once it left their premises, hence asking them to withdraw their decision because it is not backed by any law.

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Now, in his petition filed before the civil division of the High Court, still through his lawyers of Wameli and Company Advocates, Kyagulanyi says that he has been targeted since his participation in politics especially after the recently concluded presidential elections. He says that his properties, including vehicles, have been unlawfully impounded or retained by the government without clear reasons other than violating his rights.

Kyagulanyi further accuses URA of being used by what he calls a notorious regime to oppress Ugandans adding that his armored vehicle is meant for his own protection and transport needs hence no reason he should be harassed by URA and their orders-from-above because of a mere vehicle.

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He says in the petition, “If the plaintiff hands over his motor vehicle to the defendant, he will be left without means of transport and without the protection he sought in this particular motor vehicle, especially that the defendant is not even specified how long the motor vehicle will stay in the possession of the defendant.”

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Kyagulanyi further wonders whether Uganda has two tax bodies since his vehicle was fully handed over to URA for examination, assessment, and taxation before they finally handed it back to him adding that it now disturbs his understanding when he hears that the same URA wants to re-verify the same vehicle.

Kyagulanyi petitions, “The plaintiff fears that he will lose his property in the said motor vehicle if the same is taken by the defendant especially that the defendant claims in the letter of February 24 that inquiries were made and that there are many findings amongst which is the finding that the motor vehicle was cleared as an ordinary motor vehicle whereas not.”

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He adds, “The defendants’ officials have continued to issue verbal threats that they will forcefully impound and take away the said motor vehicle. “The plaintiff has been a victim of such schemes from the government where his vehicle (Tundra) currently at Arua Central police station was illegally and unlawfully impounded and has been kept for over three years since 2018 under the guise of carrying out inquiries.”

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As a result therfore, Kyagulanyi wants court to kick URA out of these matters. He says, “The plaintiff brings in this suit against the defendant for a declaration that the act of the defendant calling for, threatening to impound the plaintiff’s motor vehicle registration number UBJ 667F for re-examination is illegal, unlawful and a violation of the plaintiff’s right to proper under Article 26(1) and 43(1), (2) (a) and (c) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.” an accessible web community

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