Price Water Coopers’ Managers In Hot Soup Over Alleged Torture Of Employees, Sexual Harassment & Underpayment

Price Water Coopers’ Managers In Hot Soup Over Alleged Torture Of Employees, Sexual Harassment & Underpayment an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Managers at Price Water Coopers (PWC) Uganda seems to be sweating a thousand litres of plasma per hour after a couple of their own employees crying foul over several bloody and unprofessional treatment allegedly meted against them that have since left them traumatized physically mentally and economically.

According to our underground sources, the company managers recruited half of the required staff which they use to deliver a heavy load in a very short time. In addition, it is alleged that these horny managers tend to task the beauteous but exhausted ladies to offer them sex marathons if they wish to tap into their favorite blessings that would see them working for genuine period of time.

”Here we have some employees who are forced to work day and night and that’s just because we don’t have enough staff, but unfortunately, even though you work like an ox, at the end of the day, the guys just pay you peanuts,” complained of the frustrated employees.

This could be backed by a case that has been filed by one of the employees known as Barak Tulinaomubeezi who opted to speak what others fear, hence dragging the sex paste managers to courts of law becoming a savior for many who feared to face it rough at work if reported their managers.

Barak Tulinaomubeezi

According to Barak, ”the moment you express your grievance against these managers, they will use mistreat and cause you to emotionally become broken and dismiss yourself through voluntary resignation.”

Barak has since opened a case through Isaac Semakade’s Center for Legal Aidat law firm at KCCA Labor Office, claiming that he was hugely mistreated and later his bosses started denying work assignments to create an impression that he was non-performing till the 28-year-old boy sent himself into resignation after the frustration from his manager Norbert Nuwahereza escalated.

Shockingly, Barak says it was worth it for him when his mistreaters came to know about his educational background that involved journalism something that generated undesirable bias towards him reasoning that one day he would expose their dirty acts to the public or to their superiors.

The young but motivated employee adds that sometimes his manager Norbert Nuwahereza would make occasional phone calls mocking and threatening him something he says even other managers who were in contact with Nobert like PWC Human Capital Manager (basically HR) Shivan Karemera, Clive Mayombwe were happy about.

Controversial Norbert Nuwahereza-Manager Government Public Sector At PwC Uganda

Now, the complainant’s lawyers say that their client Barak was also “unjustifiably denied one month’s pay in lieu of notice and four months’ pay as severance allowance on cessation of employment among other terminal benefits” which makes PWC liable to paying colossal sums of money in compensation to atone the detriment Barak suffered as a result of the wrongful actions of the 5 managers.

Lawyers add that Barak suffered not only emotional distress but also unwarranted disruption in his career and financial progression. That the very humiliating ordeal, the young man endured at the hands of the indifferent PWC managers resulted in a loss of dignity and personal self-esteem.

They further say that the young boy endured huge financial anxiety because the servicing of the salary loan he had contracted with one of the city banks was disrupted and made complicated because of the very anomalous circumstances under which the impugned managers made impossible his continued stay in the PWC employment hence demanding billions of shillings in compensation. an accessible web community

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