Priest Attacks Minister, MP For Causing Divisionism In Church

Priest Attacks Minister, MP For Causing Divisionism In Church an accessible web community

By Atwakiire Micheal

Sheema, Uganda: Sheema woman MP Hon Atuhaire Jacklet Rwabukurukuru came under attack on Sunday after she was accused by the Parish Priest of St.Rose Catholic Church Mushanga in Kabwohe of promoting divisionism among the Christians in Sheema.

Rev Fr. Mucunguzi Vincent didn’t mince his words during the Sunday service when he ruled the legislator out of order.

Mucunguzi said the language that was used by Jacklet, Hon Minister Elioda Tumwesigye and canon David Kabigumira Chairman LC V Sheema district during 2016 election campaigns wasn’t only stupid but also silly.

Mucunguzi said Christians and Moslems don’t have any problem. “I always meet them in parties and everywhere eating and enjoying together, but the problem is leaders. You (leaders) have promoted religious conflicts especially in Sheema now.”

He said that he was a good friend to Bejuura of Kitagata church of Uganda, but that Kabigumira, Jacklet and Elioda made sure that his relationship with Bejuura had to stop and that after a short period, Bejuura also started stupid things like those of the three leaders of Sheema district.

Mucunguzi later advised the three politicians to sit together as leaders and sort out themselves by asking for reconciliation and forgiveness from the Catholic community so as to come clean if they are to contest in the forthcoming 2021 general elections.

When things became tougher as the congregation had become enraged while Fr.Mucunguzi was continuing to hit hard at the trio, Rev Fr John Baptist Bashobora intervened and urged Mucunguzi to ceasefire.

He later prayed for the three leaders, though Kabigumira and Elioda weren’t present in church.

Fr Bashobora said that he has been hearing about Hon Jacklet and Kabigumira in Sheema district but that he had never seen them before physically.

He had always promised to meet them and talk to them over their acts. This chance came when he met one of them at the service and decided to pray for them and forgive.

Fr Bashobora called for unity and asked the all Christians to stop their differences and become one.

The ashamed Hon MP later stealthily disappeared in thin air when the congregation closed their eyes to conclude with the daily service.

She escaped before our reporter could engage her for a comment.

Our efforts to reach her out vide her phones also hit a dead end as she declined to pick them.

The verbal attacks on the district politicians wound up the three day Charismatic renewal seminar that attracted over 1,000 Christians. an accessible web community

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