Priest’s Wife Closes Road To Church

Priest’s Wife Closes Road To Church an accessible web community

Michael Atwakiire

Sheema: Shock has gripped the people of Sheema municipality over the weekend after the Reverend’s wife blocking the road to church.

Jeninah Tushemereirwe, the director Taremwa Teachers College Kabwohe, and wife of retired Rev. John Bampata, allegedly closed  the road heading to a Born-again Christian church neighbouring her school. It is alleged that Tushemereirwe last month bought land neighbouring Grace Church Kabwohe, near her College, although the church was left in between the College and the land she bought. Solomon Tumuramye, the  head of laity at Grace Church Kabwohe, said that  “We came here one time and found our compound flowers uprooted. When we asked, we were told that Tushemereirwe was the one behind it. She came once again and cut down pine trees which we (Christians) planted as road reserves on government land. But we kept quiet. So today we have become so disappointed after finding this road heading to our church blocked. I wonder how a reverend’s wife fights the house of God? ”

Grace Church Kabwohe

However, Tushemereirwe told SPyUganda that the Christians of Grace Church aren’t co-operative, because they were the first to destroy her fence. “I’m not a bad person as such. Those Christians first uprooted my fence and took it away. I told them to corporate with me and we create a path from the main road to their church directly but they refused. Each of us, our land boarders the main road; then why are they interested in using my land to pass there? I therefore advise them to use their land and make a road there.” One resident who neighbors  Tushemereirwe and the church, talked to us on condition of anonymity and said “I can’t be surprised by that. Tushemereirwe is my neighbor therefore I know her from A up to Z. She once got involved in the same conflict with her neighbor and she brought a rope and ‘birigi ‘ (Pendulum bob) to measure the land, saying the neighbour’s fence wasn’t in a straight line. It was late at night when I heard people pulling heavy things. I woke up and peeped through the window thinking they were thieves. But later I saw them closing this road with those thorny things, I took it easy because it wasn’t a surprise to me.” However, this isn’t the first time Tushemereirwe is conflicting with neighbours over land. On Friday August 17th, 2018 she conflicted with graduates and parents of her College on the exact day of graduation when the College  failed to issue  certificates to the graduates. The conflict ended with the College Principal sleeping in Kabwohe prison, because parents and students wanted lynch him for allegedly diddling their dime. However, sources in the area reveal that Sheema police is investigating the matter. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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