Prince Wasajja Withdraws From Public Life

Prince Wasajja Withdraws From Public Life an accessible web community

By Spy Reporter

Kampala, Uganda:Celebrated Buganda prince David Wasajja, who survived the tragic  boat cruise accident in which over 32 people  died late last year, has since withdrawn from public life.

Wasajja,  Iryn Namubiru, Freeman Kiyimba, Michael Kaddu are some of the few people who survived the deadly MV Templar boat accident. However, ever since the tragedy, Wasajja, who was a renowned partier in Kampala, has withdrawn into himself  and sought self oblivion. He no longer appears at public events or city hangouts the way he used to do before the tragedy.

Actually, many city partiers have been heard complaining of his loud absence;they miss him greatly, especially because he used to treat them to free booze whenever he was out partying. an accessible web community

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